Christmas is almost here! You don’t have to have lots of money to give your pet the best Christmas yet. You don’t even have to be super crafty.

Our pets are probably happy to just have their whole family around on Christmas morning. Giving them fun, DIY toys would just be an awesome bonus in their eyes. Unlike your in-laws, they won’t care if the project comes out ugly. They’ll love the present and you no matter what.

Here are ten ideas for last-minute DIY presents any pet would love to wake up to Christmas morning. They’ll definitely be a fan of the personal touch a DIY gift brings and the love that went into making it. So, let’s get started!

1. Homemade Dog Treats

An obvious choice for any dog, homemade dog treats will be the favorite stocking stuffer in your pup’s life. Not only do homemade dog treats taste delectable, but they are a healthy alternative to store-bought treats. Plus, you can incorporate your furry friend’s favorite foods into the treats. Get creative with decorations during the holiday season and you’re pup will be one happy camper. Check out some treat recipes here.

2. Sock and Ball Toys

One of the easiest (and cheapest) DIY pet toys around, the sock/ball toy, combines two of the most fun toys your pup can think of. This toy has all the bounce of a regular tennis ball, but the tug-of-war abilities of a rope toy. Swing this DIY toy around and launch it for your dog to chase, or let him play with it in the comforts of the warm indoors. All you need is a sock … and a tennis ball. Place the tennis ball inside the sock and tie a knot. To mix this old favorite up, you can wrap a ball in an old t-shirt and get creative, or you can braid a old-t-shirt and run that through a tennis ball. You can also swap the ball for a water bottle for that fantastic crunch noise. With a few tennis balls, an old t-shirt and some worn-out socks, the dog fun will be endless.

3. Collapsible Travel Dish

Every pet parent has been out and about with their furry friend and had to awkwardly cup their hands to provide a bowl for water. Well, look goofy no more, this DIY collapsible pet bowl is the perfect solution for food and water on the go. Follow the easy instructions from Craft Stylish here.

4. Rope Toy

For those who can follow instructions well, this rope toy would be the ideal DIY dog present. All you need is some super tough rope (in a fun color, of course), a few zip ties, and a lighter. Oh ya, and mad skills! By looping the rope following the well-depicted instructions provided by Instructables, you can make a variety of different shaped rope toys. Even the toughest chewers will be no match for this DIY gift.

5. Stylish Suitcase Bed

Have an old suitcase or briefcase? Even if you don’t, this staple can be found at almost any thrift or antique shop. And these old travel cases make the cutest upcycled pet beds. Find an appropriately sized suitcase and get to work with these instructions from HGTV. Your furry friend will have the coolest bed around when you finish up this project.

6. Sweatshirt Bed

If your pet is in need of a cozy new bed this Christmas, but you don’t have access to a fancy, antique suitcase, look no further. Making a pet bed out of an old sweatshirt will not only be super adorable for your pet, but the slight smell of you will make it their favorite place to sleep when you’re out of the house. Let’s face it, everyone has extra hoodies taking up closet space. Put them to good use making a pet bed with these instructions from Handimania. This project does require some basic sewing skills, but you’ve got this!

7. Catnip Coffee Table

This is definitely the most complicated DIY pet gift on the list, but for talented and motivated pet parents, it’ll be a sure hit with your cats. This coffee table is built with several pieces of reclaimed wood, though you may have purchase wood for the project. The instructions include the size of wood you’ll need to complete the coffee table portion as well as the awesome catnip planter. Any cat would be lucky to have such a cool hang out. Find the complete instructions here.

8. Kitten Tent

Every cat likes a cozy place to hide. This kitty tent is the perfect DIY gift for any cat. All you need is an old t-shirt, some wire clothes hangers, some cardboard, tape and safety pins. Not only will your cat love the new digs, but it is an adorable hiding place. Plus, you can pick a t-shirt color to fit with your home decor. Everyone will be happy Christmas morning! Here are the complete directions.

9. Cat Scratchers

Here is an easy DIY for the kitty that loves to scratch. All you need is some rope, a piece of wood and a few tools to put this cat scratch pad together. Hang it from any cat-accessible spot so your kitty can get to scratching. Rub some catnip on the rope and make it really enticing. Follow the instructions for Design Sponge here.

If your cat prefers a more horizontal approach to nail sharpening, you can try this DIY cat scratcher. All you need is a bunch of cardboard, an exacto knife and something decorative for the outside. Get the full instructions here.

10. Sock Cat Toys

Last, but not least, is this super simple DIY cat toy from the Martha Stewart website. These toys take old socks, some paper, and a little catnip. Your cat will be flying around the house chasing these fish Christmas morning. Get the instructions here.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all the spectacular pets out there!

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