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Dog treats are one of the greatest joys in our furry friend’s lives. Treats help us teach our pets new tricks, let us tell them we’re happy with them and, of course, let us spoil them rotten. Unfortunately, treats from the grocery store and pet stores aren’t always the greatest.

First of all, they can be ridiculously expensive. But we also don’t know what kinds of ingredients go into many of these treats. In the past few years news of treats poisoning dogs has been rampant. If you are a crazy pet parent (in a good way) like many Green Monsters, you want the best for your pet, which includes the best treats! So why not make treats at home?

Here are some awesome, easy, cheap and healthy recipes for dog treats you can make at home:

1. Fruit and Veggie Treats

Probably the easiest of the many different dog treat recipes floating around, sweet potato jerky has one ingredient: sweet potato.

You can also use other fruits and veggies instead of sweet potato, just to mix things up (make sure you find out which are toxic first), but sweet potato alone is a popular veggie in most dogs’ opinions. To make these treats, you simply heat your oven up to a low heat of 150 degrees Fahrenheit, slice your choice veggie up in thin strips, and place on parchment paper on a pan. Pop the pan in the oven and check/flip them every half hour until the strips are dehydrated. See the full recipe here.

If sweet potato isn’t your pooch’s thing, try apple chews! These are just as simple, healthy and most importantly, just as delicious.

2. Grain-Free Dog Treats

If your pup is on a grain-free diet, these are the perfect treat recipes for you! Not only will your dog love the peanut butter flavor in this One Green Planet recipe, but the parsley will also help freshen their breath. You only need five ingredients to complete this recipe and it is super simple to follow.

Want to make a fall-inspired treat for your pup? This grain-free pumpkin treat recipe from A Cozy Kitchen is a great option that only uses four ingredients! Tasty treats don’t get any easier than that.

3. Gluten-Free Dog Treats

Many dogs, like humans, can suffer from wheat allergies, so finding commercial dog treats for these special pups can be difficult. If you want to go the gluten-free route, we have some ideal dog treats for your canine companion! The peanut butter flavor in this One Green Planet recipe is a sure hit for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Though this recipe has a few more ingredients than the last two, you’re pup will love you for being their personal pastry chef. Make sure you have adorable cookie cutters for this recipe to give them that extra special flair.

Want an option other than peanut butter that your dog will love? You can try this blueberry dog treat recipe. It is also gluten-free and packed with antioxidants!

4. Banana Treats

Bananas have a ton of health benefits for your pooch! They are high in potassium, magnesium and vitamin C, all of which are important nutrients for your pet. Some dogs will eat banana by itself, but for others its helpful to bake them into treat form. Whole Foods Market’s Peanut Butter and Banana dog treat recipe is healthy and simple to make. You can even include mint or parsley to add a fresh breath component.

You can also try this banana, honey dog treat from AllRecipes. This recipe calls for two mashed bananas, so it is the perfect recipe to use up those over ripe bananas you have. The pinch of cinnamon will make your house smell great and your pup’s mouth water.

5. Green Dog Treats

Though it seems like your dog may not be that excited about a treat made of collard greens, this recipe from Dog Treat Kitchen is a great way to introduce this category of vegetable since greens are an awesome way to get more vitamin K, A, and C into your pup’s diet. To get kale into your pup’s diet, you can also try The Bark‘s Kale Frittata recipe. These treat recipes will be sure to convince your dog into eating greens without a complaint!

Get Creative

There are tons of dog treat recipes across the Internet. You can find treats recipes for almost any dietary restriction your pup may have. The trick is trying out several recipes to see which ingredients your dog prefers. You can even come up with your own recipe by using our guide for baking amazing dog treats. Soon you’ll find yourself going above and beyond with doggy friendly icing and decorations. Baking and seeing your dog enjoy the treats you make is a great feeling and your pup will be the happiest animal around! And you’ll definitely be the favorite person at the dog park.

Image source: FranciscoChacin/Flickr