Around this time of year, you might want to treat your beloved pooch to something special. These gifts are some of the top picks amongst dog owners. They are loved by most dogs and are very practical!

Dogs are usually easy to please, so your dog is sure to love anything that you give them. With dogs, it is always the thought that counts!

1. Homemade Treats

Homemade treats make amazing gifts for dogs, after all, dogs love anything that they can eat!

There are all kinds of recipes online that you can try. Some include sweet potato or banana. Whatever your dog likes the most, you can try.

This is also a healthier option than store-bought treats, so your dog can enjoy more of them. This is great for dogs with any sensitivities as well since you will know all of the ingredients that go into your special dog treats.

2. Chewy Dog Toys

Most dogs love to chew on things, which is why a chewy dog toy is one of the best gifts for dogs. It also provides a great way of keeping them entertained for long periods of time.

There are all kinds of amazing chew toys in different shapes and materials available in stores. This is not only a great gift to keep them entertained, but it will also help to keep their teeth clean as well.

Both old and young dogs can enjoy a chew toy!

3. A New Bed

A new bed is something that any dog could appreciate, young or old. A dog bed is a great way to let your dog know that you love them with a special gift.

There are all kinds of amazing dog beds that you can choose from, whether you buy one or make one!

You have a lot of options, so you can choose the bed that you think your dog will enjoy the most.

4. Rope Toys

Rope toys are very entertaining for dogs in a number of ways. If your dog doesn’t have a rope toy, you should definitely put it on their Christmas wish list!

Rope toys are great for playing fetch or tug of war. They are the perfect toy for indoor and outdoor use. They can also be thrown in the wash as needed.

If your dog enjoys chewing things, this is also a great option that will help to keep them entertained, as well as keep their teeth clean and healthy.

5. Busy Treat Toys

Treat toys are one of the best gifts for dogs and will give your beloved pooch hours upon hours of fun. 

Dogs are highly motivated by food, so what better way to get them to stay active and play than with a treat toy?

These are toys that dispense treats as your dog wrestles around with them. Some look like normal toys, while others are shaped like a ball and can be rolled around to let the treats out.

Treat toys are a great way to keep your pooch bust all day long if you are at work or too busy to play. It is also great for rambunctious puppies that always want to get into trouble.

6. Pressure Vest

If you have a nervous dog, a pressure vest just might be what Santa ordered.

Pressure vests are much like weighted blankets are for humans. The added pressure helps to calm dogs down and make them feel safe and secure.

This is a great gift for anxious dogs and dogs with separation anxiety as it can help to ease their worries and fears.

It is also good for dogs that are scared of things like bad weather and loud noises.

7. Workout Ball

A workout ball can be an unexpectedly wonderful gift for your dog this Christmas. They are like one giant bouncy toy that your dog can run around and play with.

All you have to do is blow the ball up and release it into your backyard with your eager pooch.

This is a gift best for dogs that play a little more gently. If they are too rough with it, they might be able to pop it quickly.

This is a great way to keep dogs entertained and active. They can run around and jump with the ball to their heart’s content.

It is so large that they don’t need anyone to play with them. The ball is entertaining enough just all on its own.

8. Self Watering Bowl

If your pooch loves a fresh bowl of water, they might appreciate a self-watering water bowl. This is a great option to help you keep your dog’s water bowl clean and full.

This is especially handy if you work long hours or often forget to check the water bowl. This way, they will always have fresh water available.

9. Sweet Potato Chews

Sweet potato chews are a great treat to give your dog for Christmas, they are healthy, tasty, and good for their teeth.

Unlike animal bones, sweet potato chews won’t splinter or choke them, but they are still just as good for your dog’s teeth.

You can make these at home in the oven or a dehydrator, or you can buy them online for an easier option.

10. Calming Spray

Many pet brands sell options of calming dog sprays to help with your dog’s nerves. These are often made up of calming scents that your dog will recognize on an instinctual level.

They are meant to help ease anxiety and stress in high-stress dogs, giving them more peace of mind and the ability to release their stress.

This is ideal for anxious or scared dogs as well as dogs with separation anxiety.

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