Dogs like their treats; there is a wide variety of doggie friendly options of snacks out there, and some pet parents even bake their own doggy treats at home. But when it comes to this green treat, this dog doesn’t want to have anything to do with it.

Despite this little guy’s lack of interest, some dogs do really like vegetables. Just ask this guy. Or this one. Veterinarians say that safe vegetables to feed to dogs include green beans, spinach, sweet potatoes and asparagus. No need to be worried if your fluffy friend eats one of these, then — now it’s just a matter of getting him to eat it in the first place.

While this picky eater might not like the broccoli, nutrients like vitamin A, potassium, folate, iron, vitamin B and manganese can be found in all these vegetables, and can contribute to a healthy diet that supplements the main dog food your dog eats. Next time you can’t resist those puppy dog eyes underneath the dinner table, sneak ’em a little piece of broccoli. Let’s see if they goes for it!