The dog in this video is named Halo, and Halo loves pool. Halo loves it so much that he wanted to post clips of himself showing off playing pool, but it’s not the pool you are thinking of. Halo is playing pool, the game you play on a table, not playing in a pool full of water! To make this dog even more awesome is that he’s sinking balls left, right, side to side without as much as a blink or a bark.

Don’t feel bad if you have hands, use a pool stick and still don’t play as well as this thumbless canine pro— you should simply be amazed at this dog’s incredible pool skills! Even though Halo cannot hold a stick to play, he is more than capable of utilizing his paws to swiftly strike the appropriate balls.

But how does he know which ball to go for? Though we don’t know his level of training or how much he practices with his humans, he may indeed be aiming for the right colored balls on his own. Despite popular belief, dogs can see color! They see much more than just black and white as their color spectrum ranges mostly in yellows, blues, and violets, so Halo may indeed be able to seek out his next target. Neat, huh? Watch to see for yourself!