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Dogs will be dogs and cats will be cats, but sometimes a pet’s behavior can yield negative results and leave you with a headache. Unfortunately, the combination of pet’s behavioral issues and guardians unwillingness to work on issues can be an all too common reason for a family deciding to give up a pet. Don’t feel like you have to abandon a pet just because Fluffy scratches up the furniture constantly or Rover is always barking.

As a loving pet guardian or parent, you must take responsibility for a pet’s unwanted behavior and get them training or contact a behavior hotline like these ones to get help now with your pets:

1. The Anti-Cruelty Society

About: Does your dog think the sofa is a really big chew toy? Has your kitten started to avoid the litter box like the plague? Maybe you have a fabulous pet and want to adopt her a pal but you’re not sure how to choose the best match. Then, you need to contact The Anti-Cruelty Society’s behavior hotline!

The hotline is a free animal behavior service available to all pet guardians experiencing behavior problems with cats and dogs. Behavior specialists are available to answer questions and provide solutions on everything from separation distress to aggression. The Anti-Cruelty Society is building a community of caring by helping pets and educating people.

Pets they can help with: dogs and cats

Phone: 312-644-8338 ext. 343 or email at

Hotline hours: n/a

2. The Canine Resource and Referral Helpline

About: The Canine Resource and Referral Helpline is a free dog training helpline that is sponsored by the American Dog Trainers Network with a staff that’s devoted to educating the public about all aspects of raising and training dogs. Call for information on such things as responsible pet care, dog safety tips, dog training and behavior, and to learn about spaying and neutering.

Pets they can help with: dogs and puppies

Phone: 212-727-7257

Hotline hours: 7 days a week, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. EST. Due to limited staff, if the machine is full or your call is not returned within a few days, please call again!

3. Tree House Humane Society

About: Does your cat sometimes miss the litterbox? Is she not getting along with your other cats? Does he run and hide when visitors arrive? Scratching your favorite chair? These issues and others can be addressed by the friendly trained counselors who staff the feline behavior hotline at the Tree House Humane Society. This free service is for all cat lovers across the country offering behavioral recommendations and counseling for feline issues.

Pets they can help with: cats

Phone: Fill out a behavior contact form, here, with your cat behavior issue or question and a trained counselors will get back to you.

Hotline hours: Contact via online form 24/7

4. Michigan Humane Society Behavior Help Line

About: The Michigan Humane Society Behavior Help Line is a free service providing you with answers to your questions about dog or cat behavior, suggestions on resolving basic behavior issues, and recommendations on where to go for help with more complex issues that can’t be handled over the phone. Staff members and trained volunteers will do their best to provide helpful information!

Pets they can help with: dogs and cats

Phone: 248-650-0127, leave a detailed message and you will receive a return phone call within 48 hours.

Hotline hours: Leave a message or email a help form 24/7!

5. Animal Friends’ Behavior Program

About: The goal of the Animal Friends’ Behavior Program is to provide pets and families with the tools they need to develop lifelong relationships which is accomplished through kind, effective and positive reinforcement techniques, and to ensure the well being of companion animals while ending overpopulation, abuse and unwarranted euthanasia. Animal Friends is pleased to serve as a resource to pet parents who need pet behavior training and guidance. This free behavior helpline serves thousands of people across the country.

Pets they can help with: dogs, cats and rabbits

Phone: 412-847-7059 or email questions, here

Hotline hours: n/a

Green Monsters: Do you know of a pet behavior hotline or run one? Share it with us by submitting it to our Animal Rescue Hotline directory!

Image source: Jamie Beverly/Flickr