Here’s a bit of nostalgia for you, remember those multi-colored iMac desktop computers that came in blue, red, green, and even orange? Well, these iconic computers of the 1990s that everyone wanted have now been repurposed into awesome new pet beds by Atomic Attic. It’s a fantastic idea that upcycles old electronic waste into something useful.

These multi-colored, nostalgia inducing pet beds are the perfect size for small dogs and cats. The screen as well as the inside of the computer have been removed and replaced with a removable, machine washable cushion, creating a cozy spot for any small animal. The old speakers to the computer are even used to stabilize the computer from rocking or tipping backwards.


The pet beds designed by Atomic Attic can be purchased on their Etsy page. The beds go for $120 and come in various colors. Atomic Attic has other upcycled pet beds as well like:

  • Upcycle pet bed made from a vintage suitcase with wood stand
  • A pet lounge made from an old home TV satellite
  • Upcycled pet bed made from vintage suitcase with globe stand.

The computers may not be suitable for the mobile technology driven lifestyle of today but  they sure look great as pet beds! Plus, if you never got to buy one in the 90s, nows your chance to own these awesome iMac computers.

 All Images by Atomic Attic, via Design Boom