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A video that’s gone viral out of Islamabad has animal activists angry. The clip features a sedated lion cub photographed alongside a newly married couple, according to Gulf News.

In the clip, the couple appears to be using the lion as a prop in their wedding photos. The video was shared by a local photography studio, Studio Afzl.

Save The Wild, an international Animal rights group, called on the government to take action, “does your permit allow for a lion cub to be rented out for ceremonies? Look at this poor cub sedated and being used as a prop. This studio is in Lahore where this cub is being kept. Rescue him please.” the group shared in a tweet alongside the video.

Lions and tigers should not be kept in homes or zoos or circuses. They belong in the wild. These poor animals are often taken from their mothers at a young age, which is traumatizing to them both. Once they get bigger and thus, more dangerous, they are confined to their cages more often. Living in such small, unnatural spaces can cause zoochosis and the lions’ deteriorating mental health can lead to them harming themselves as well as the people around them.

We can do our part to protect these animals in the United States! Please sign this petition urging Congress to pass the Big Cat Public Safety Act.

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