As animal lovers, nothing makes us happier than seeing animals finally getting the respect and care they deserve. Well, thanks to the new Ohio Dangerous Wild Animal Act – which forbids individuals from keeping tigers, lions, and other wild animals – nine bears were recently surrendered to authorities by a number of roadside zoos and exotic pet owners. Upon rescue, these bears were found to be either underweight or obese, suffering from intestinal parasites or broken teeth, and clearly shaken up from the decrepit conditions they were being kept in.

As disheartening as their physical conditions were, these bears were taking the first steps towards a life of freedom. Two of the bears even gave birth in the temporary holding facility, making for a grand total of 13 bears.

PETA, in collaboration with the Wild Animal Sanctuary in Colorado, succeeded in finding appropriate placement for these neglected bears and they’ve just been introduced to their new home

The bears were clearly over the moon over their new digs. They rolled around gleefully, cozied up in the new little nooks, and simply enjoyed being in the sun and out of a cage.

We’re so glad these new cubs will never have to know the suffering that their parents did! They will get to be raised by their mothers, just like they would have in the wild. 

Check out the video below to see more footage of the bears enjoying their new home!


The beautiful beginning these bears have been granted is not only cause for celebration, but also for reflection. If it hadn’t been for the several different parties that stood up for these animals, they would likely still be rotting away in dirty wire cages, put on display for profit. It is up to us to lend our voices to these animals and help them get the life we all know that they deserve. Roadside zoos, and any zoo or animal attraction for that matter, can only stay open through monetary support from the public. By boycotting these “attractions” we are helping put an end to this cruel and archaic industry. Let these bears serve as a reminder of the incredible impact we are all capable of making.

All image source: PETA