In episode two of Pig Little Lies, UnchainedTV’s first-of-its-kind reality TV series, we learn that Dante and Beatrice, two bonded potbellied pigs, are truly “an item” and haven’t let their despicable treatment by the human race stop them from making some whoopee.

After escaping from the Southern California high-kill shelter where they had been dumped, they find refuge on the Los Angeles property of wildlife rehabber Cindy Brady. It soon becomes clear to Cindy that Lady Beatrice, nestled in Cindy’s snug laundry room, is preggers.

With hay for bedding, this modern-day manger is turned into a labor room, and Cindy is drafted to play midwife. Cindy bonds with Beatrice as the potbellied princess tries to push her offspring into this world. After hours of waiting, Cindy finally passes out from exhaustion, only to awaken to a dozen tiny piglets who are suckling at their mama’s nipples.

Cute piglet
Infant piglets are falsely marketed as fully gown pocket pigs. Courtesy Teri Crutchfield.

UnchainedTV’s Pig Little Lies series is designed to entertain while educating the public about a cruel scam being perpetrated all over the U.S. and other parts of the world. Infant potbellied pigs are being falsely marketed to the public as fully-grown micro or pocket pigs. But, these infants are destined to grow quite large, often to well over 100 pounds. By then, the scammers are long gone, and the unwieldy pigs end up dumped in an animal shelter… or worse.

The other issue is that these pigs must get fixed, or they will likely reproduce. And, it’s best to do it when they are still young. The spay/neuter process can be complicated and costly, something else that should discourage the average consumer from ever buying a pig from a breeder or through an advertisement. If your heart is set on having a potbellied pig as a companion animal, then rescue one – or better yet two – from your local animal shelter. Pigs are social animals and like to be around other pigs. Make sure you have plenty of room, as those mama pigs often turn out to be pregnant. Luckily, Mama Beatrice has landed in an oasis of compassion where she can raise her babies in peace.

Cindy Brady
Wildlife rehabber Cindy Brady takes in a bonded pair of pigs, only to find mama is pregnant. Courtesy Pig Little Lies.

As the potbellied babies grow and explore, it’s cuteness overload. These adorable piglets chase each other in circles, get familiar with the concept of treats, and generally cause everyone who meets them to fall in love as they gently nuzzle their human visitors. Mama Beatrice proudly watches over her brood, nudging them when needed.

But don’t assume it’s a wrap for this saga. It’s far from it. Drama lurks just around the corner in Cindy’s front yard, where a contentious collection of animal rescuers are prepping a new homestead for the whole pig family.

An argument soon breaks out as the rescuers debate the issue of neighborhood coyotes and the threat those wild animals might pose to Dante, Beatrice, and their boisterous brood of babies. Of course, being animal rescuers, they also love the coyotes and don’t want those animals harmed, either. What’s this caring clan going to do? Enter stage left… men with coyote rollers.

What the heck are coyote rollers, you may ask? Well, watch and find out. While we don’t want to give it all away, we can reveal the phrases “thunder down under” and “healing circle” do come into play as this merry band of animal lovers seek to keep the adorable, squealing piggies safe while at the same time, respecting the coyotes. After all, it is pointed out repeatedly that it’s their land. Coyotes have a right to be there. But, nobody wants these innocent babies turned into a coyote’s lunch either.

Four potbellied piglets
Potbellied piglets start growing quickly, often reaching well over 100 pounds. Courtesy Pig Little Lies, streaming on UnchainedTV.

So, what happens? Ya gotta watch Episode Three of UnchainedTV’s Pig Little Lies.

By the way, if you’ve fallen in love with one of Dante and Beatrice’s babies, there’s good news! You can become a virtual foster. Just go to and sign up. For a small monthly donation, you can help Cindy Brady and her team of volunteers care for this amazing and adorable pig family. The hay, the fruits and veggies, the vet bills, the property maintenance, it all adds up. In return, you’ll get updates on what Dante and Beatrice are up to and get invited to special in-person events!

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