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Factory farming is unbelievably cruel to the animals who have to endure its cycle of confinement, distress, fear, pain, and death, and the industry is incredibly harmful to the environment as well. The more the public finds out about what goes on inside these deplorable places, the more people are beginning to say no to factory farming.

Going veg is one way to aid the cause as it reduces demand for animal-based products, but there are also plenty more ways you can help end factory farming. Your actions can help to raise awareness, change hearts and minds, and ultimately derail this inherently cruel industry. The first step is to educate yourself on the truth about factory farms, by researching and watching documentaries. Once you’re armed with the facts, you can start taking action to put an end to factory farming once and for all.

Sign Petitions

Never underestimate people power. There are plenty of well organized, motivated, and passionate groups out there who are trying to bring about an end to factory farming. By taking action and signing relevant petitions, we are able to group together and show legislators, government departments, and businesses that millions of people are against it. Petitions are extremely effective tools in bringing about change, so make sure you get involved. Check out these recent petitions you can support to help farm animals:

Support Farm Animal Sanctuaries

Farm animal sanctuaries are among the leading organizations in the fight against factory farming, providing care and rehabilitation to animals directly affected by the industry, as well as creating educational resources and learning environments. By supporting farm animal sanctuaries financially, joining them on social media, or backing their campaigns, you can help to spread the message and bring about a revolution.

Campaign for Local Change

From animal rights and welfare groups to local trade organizations and political demonstrations, you can support local campaigns which are trying to bring about direct changes in your region. By supporting local farmers markets as well as shops and businesses which also share your views, you can help to inspire others to boycott factory farmed products. Leafleting, awareness days, Q&A sessions, and other events can be very effective at alerting people to the cause.

Educate Your Peers

Many people have not been properly informed about the issues surrounding factory farming yet, as it’s a problem which is hidden from mainstream attention. You could be the catalyst for change among your friends, family, and colleagues by helping to educate them. This doesn’t mean preaching to them about what bad people they are for buying factory farmed meat, but instead tactfully raising the issues in a way that they might relate to.

Factory farming is not going to disappear overnight, but with the combined efforts of a growing number of the population, we can bring about real change and put an end to the suffering of factory farmed animals sooner than you might imagine.

Image source: Jo-Anne McArthur / We Animals

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19 comments on “Simple Ways You Can Help End Factory Farming (Besides Going Veg)”

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1 Years Ago

I agree with the fact that factory farms need to end, however, not every farm treats their animals like that. I work on a dairy farm and treat the animals with the same respect as I would if they were human. To say that every farm is inhumane, that every carnivore is a monster is to put a label on a group as a whole. That\'s like saying "that person\'s white, they\'re obviously racist.". You don\'t have to respect the fact that someone is a carnivore, you just need to accept it and not attack them for it every time you see them. How would you like it if someone came after you every time you picked up your meal?

30 Aug 2017

It is natural to take this personal Meghan because your dairy farm is your livelihood. There are a few concepts that I would like to bring to your attention though that I hope you consider from a different perspective for which I will refer to these beings as "people":
In order to produce milk for sale, these people are enduring the following:
1) They come into existence not by will or natural drives but artificially by insemination by another higher class of people and for one single purpose: to benefit the higher class of people
2) After being brought into existence, if the new born is a girl they will also be incarcerated not because they have committed a crime or because they are a danger to other people but to continue the cycle described above
3) If they are boys, the boys are killed because they are useless to the people in the higher class. The boys meat is sold.
4) From the point of view of the mother, their baby is taken away from them because the higher class cannot allow the mother\'s milk to be consumed by the babies as they need to sell it. The mother suffers immensely for days on end, calling her baby and crying. The baby also cries for days longing for his or her mom\'s warmth while he awaits death or while she is incarcerated for life.
5) Once the mom\'s milk is exhausted she is immediately artificially impregnated again so she can have another baby and repeat the cycle. This cycle is repeated over and over again until her biology is exhausted and she gets sick or collapses, at which point she is sentenced to death so her body can be sold for profit.

Sherry Olivia Mace
4 Years Ago

thanks for this good info!

Claudia Pomar
4 Years Ago

Karma will always get you. I'm glad I stopped eating the suffering and misery from animals. No wonder meat is now considered worse than tobacco. We need to educate ourselves about our food choices and decide on our own. To me, becoming a vegan just made sense. It did take me almost 40 years to rethink and find out on my own that "milk does not do a body good" and that "beef is NOT what's for dinner"

4 Years Ago

You left a significant option off the list. It is possible to still eat meat, dairy and milk without contributing to factory farms. It can cost more and take more work to find good sources, but it is just as important to your health as it is to animal cruelty issues and environmental issues. Use resources like realmilk.com, eatlocalgrown.com and localharvest.org to find sources of organic, pasture-raised, humanely treated animals and their products at farmer's markets near you or directly from local farmers. Put a little time into researching the best options near you, it's worth it!

11 Mar 2014

factory farming is a symptom of the prejudice of considering other sentient beings as property. it may may the consumer feel a little better to buy "happy" flesh and "humane" milk and "free range" eggs but these euphemisms mean very little to the helpless victims who are being brutally murdered in the name of a momentary taste sensation. is it better not to beat and torture someone before you kill them? perhaps it is but neither the abuse nor the murder are morally justifiable actions to force on someone in order to take what we desire from them. no human requires any animal product to live and be healthy and in fact many of the worst degenerative diseases in humans are linked to the consumption of flesh, milk and eggs-regardless of the conditions they were produced in. “Animal agriculturalists, chefs, and consumers desperately want to believe the myth that animal products labeled organic, humane, and sustainable are morally and ecologically defensible. They promote the washings as cover for their beliefs. They choose not to see the abusive and unsustainable nature of meat, dairy, and eggs. They pledge allegiance to an adjustment to factory farming, nothing more.”

Rosa Borisova
4 Years Ago

Eating animals flesh has NEVER meant for human consumption!!! If you see how the real carnivores eat straight from the caracas it will become clear to most people with average intelligence why! Eating ANYTHING that have a soul,feelings,heart, emotions,have eyes,blood running thru it's veins and must be killed is NOT OUR FOOD!!!

Andrea Beanato
4 Years Ago

vegan is the only way

Thomas H. Conrad
4 Years Ago

Been connected with agriculture all my life. You eat what you want. Me, I have always eaten meat, and I always will. I like it, and if you don't, too bad.

11 Mar 2014

Thomas: “Whoever is content with the world, and who profits from its lack of justice, does not want to change it.” -Friedrich Durrenmatt “Asking vegans to respect your decision to eat meat is on par with asking feminists to respect sexists, asking people of color to respect racists and asking homosexuals to respect homophobes. It is ludicrous to think that difference in opinion warrants mutual respect, especially when the opposing opinion in question not only stands for everything you are against but also appropriates suffering, defends oppression and encourages the continuance of exploitation.” — Felix Sampson

Katrina Proctor
25 Sep 2017

you may not be eating meat all your life depending on your age as it is not a sustainable product for the worlds population so enjoy while it lasts as we will all have to make changes we don\'t like to save the planet

04 Jun 2018


4 Years Ago

I just wish they would put "carnivores" on a different insurance plan. I am tired of paying for them to make themselves sick.

Carlos Nicholas Mendoza
4 Years Ago

Factor farming is also harmful to the ones who eat the product.

Marlana Mazmanian McCliman
4 Years Ago

All animal "agriculture" needs to stop. There is no perfect solution but the only solution is veganism. Anything less sells out animals. And we have no right to sell them out. I don't use the term "factory farming" either. It does suggest that other forms of raising & killing animals is morally different. And it's not. If you take animal rights seriously...you go vegan and promote vegansim. Not everyone will go vegan but some will. We never sell out animals by promoting some sort of bulkshit happy humane exploitation.


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