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10 Amazing Farm Animal Sanctuaries You Should Support

Farm animal sanctuaries are incredibly serene and beautiful non-profit organizations that offer a life of ease to battered animals. Each sanctuary has its own special trait and history that creates a loving environment for the animals in their care. Below is a list of sanctuaries that should be applauded for their work.

1. Farm Sanctuary

Founded in 1986 by Gene Baur, Farm Sanctuary is a safe haven for rescued factory farm animals. Now with two locations, one in Watkins Glen, New York, another in California, Farm Sanctuary aims to protect farm animals from cruelty, educate consumers about making compassionate dietary choices, and advocate for change in factory farms. Thousands of animals have been saved by their efforts. Farm Sanctuary has recently launched The Someone Project which provides information on the cognitive complexity of animals.

2. Maple Farm Sanctuary

Located in Mendon, Massachusetts is Maple Farm Sanctuary, which houses over 100 rescued animals. This sanctuary was founded by wife and husband, Cheri Ezell-Vandersluis and Jim Vandersluis, former dairy goat farmers. They decided to open Maple Farm Sanctuary after adopting a no-kill lifestyle and after sending half of their goats to the OohMahNee and PIGs sanctuaries.

3. Whisper’s Sanctuary at Double R Ranch

Whisper’s Sanctuary in the Canelo Hills of Southern Arizona serves as a “place of peace” for horses and other animals. The sanctuary is dedicated to providing an alternative to auction or death for unwanted animals, allowing them to heal. The animals are given a purpose or job, depending on their physical condition, at the sanctuary to make them feel valuable and loved. With a bed and breakfast located on the premises, Whisper’s Sanctuary is a wonderful place to tour and see their contented animals.

4. Kindred Spirits Sanctuary

Founded in late 2003, in response to Farm Sanctuary’s compassion and to serve as another home for abused animals, Kindred Spirits Sanctuary’s first critters where four adopted sows from the Cattaraugus County, New York, cruelty case. The sanctuary cares for multiple types of animals: pigs, cows, goats, sheep, chickens, turkeys, horses, donkeys, and the occasional rabbit, treating them all as individual beings rather than as edible units of food.

5. For the Animals Sanctuary

Blairstown, New Jersey’s For the Animals Sanctuary takes in factory farmed and domestic animals, nurturing and giving them the ability to rehabilitate from whatever pain has been inflicted on them. The sanctuary also participates in vegan outreach, educating the public on the plant-based and compassionate lifestyle. Their website offers animal sponsorships and donations to support the sanctuary’s upkeep and welfare of their animals.

6. Home at Last Sanctuary

With 190 acres, Home at Last Sanctuary is a “for-life” sanctuary that has two distinct areas in its landscape: one (90 acre portion) is for farmed animals, the other (100 acre portion) for wildlife preservation. Within the sanctuary as well are eight dog yards that house up to 45 dogs at a given time and a cat facility with three separate areas. All the animals at the sanctuary live freely and are not caged in any manner. Visitors are welcomed at this rural central Kentucky sanctuary.

7. Heartland Farm Sanctuary

Founded in 2009, Heartland Farms Sanctuary is fairly new, and aims to help homeless animals in Wisconsin. This sanctuary places special emphasis on connections and bonds between human, especially youth, and animal relationships, relating how important it is to be close to nature and respect other beings. Heartland Farms Sanctuary also seeks out companionship with animal shelters, farmers, and animal control agencies to rescue more desperate animals, proving them with a safe place of residence.

 8. Catskill Animal Sanctuary

Nestled on 110 acres of lush land in Hudson Valley, New York is Catskill Animal Sanctuary (CAS), a safe haven for abused farm animals and horses. As of September 23 of this year, CAS is also home to 200 rescued hens and nearly 30 turkeys from California. In addition to caring for these animals, CAS offers group tours of their sanctuary and vegan cooking classes courtesy of chef Linda Soper-Kolton. CAS was founded by Kathy Stevens in 2001, and her sanctuary continues to inspire people to respect animals as soulful beings.

9. Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary

Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary relates to the legendary Woodstock music festival, being located in Woodstock, New York. The sanctuary takes the same ideologies from the festival, advocating for peace and justice in regards to animals. Abused or neglected animals are saved by the sanctuary and brought onto their beautiful field to live a free life. Owners Jenny Brown and Doug Abel are extremely dedicated to their work at the sanctuary.

10. Pigs Peace Sanctuary

Located about an hour away from Seattle, Washington, Pigs Peace Sanctuary is located on 39 acres of lush land with meadows and forest vegetation. The sanctuary was founded in 1994 and specializes in the nurturing of pigs (hence the name), but it graciously welcomes other farm animals onto its grounds. All donations to the sanctuary benefit the welfare of their animals.


Lead image source: Nancy, enjoying peaceful sanctuary life at Farm Sanctuary (photo by Jo-Anne McArthur)