The darling of ‘90s restaurant menus is still around — and for good reason. This warm, gooey chocolatey dessert is a chocolate lover’s dream. And now it’s vegan, too. Win-win. Top with a spoonful of cashew cream or a dusting of confectioners’ sugar and some berries.

Luscious Lava Cakes With Lava Ball Center [Vegan]








For the Luscious Lava Cakes:

  • 4 lava balls (recipe below)
  • 1 tablespoon ground flax seed
  • 3 tablespoons hot water
  • 3/4 cup almond milk
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 3 tablespoons coconut oil, melted
  • 1 teaspoon pure vanilla extract
  • 1 cup unbleached all-purpose flour
  • 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • 1/2 cup vegan semisweet chocolate chips, melted

For the Lava Balls:

  • 1/3 cup vegan semisweet chocolate chips
  • 1 1/2 tablespoons almond milk
  • 1 teaspoon vegan butter


To Make the Luscious Lava Cakes:

  1. Make the lava balls ahead of time and place in the freezer to firm up while you assemble the cakes. b n a cup or small bowl, stir together the flaxseed and water. Set aside for 5 minutes. Grease the inside of four 1-cup ramekins. Sprinkle the insides with sugar or cocoa and tap out the excess. Preheat the oven to 375°F. n
  2. In a bowl, combine the almond milk, sugar, coconut oil, vanilla, and flax mixture. Mix until well blended. Add the flour, cocoa, baking powder, and salt. Mix until no large lumps remain. Add the melted semisweet chocolate and mix again. b
  3. Divide the batter evenly among the ramekins. Press a lava ball into the center of each cake. Use a spoon to cover the ball with cake batter. Bake for about 20 minutes, or until the edges pull away slightly. n
  4. Serve directly in the ramekins, or if you prefer, unmould them from the ramekins as follows: Let the cakes rest in the ramekins for about 10 minutes before removing. Then gently loosen the edges with a knife, top with a plate, and invert. Gently transfer to serving plates and serve warm. If you need to reheat, microwave each cake for 30 seconds.

To Make the Lava Balls:

  1. Place the chocolate chips in a heatproof bowl. Heat the milk, pour over the chocolate, and whisk until smooth. Add the butter and whisk until incorporated. Place the bowl in the refrigerator to cool and thicken the chocolate mixture  do not allow it to get too firm.
  2. Spoon out portions of the chocolate mixture and shape into four balls. Arrange the chocolate balls on a plate lined with parchment paper and place in the freezer until ready to use.


Luscious Lava Cakes from VEGANIZE IT! by Robin Robertson, William Brinson, and Susan Brinson. Copyright © 2017 by Robin Robertson, William Brinson, and Susan Brinson. Used by permission of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved. Lava Balls from VEGANIZE IT! by Robin Robertson. Copyright © 2017 by Robin Robertson. Used by permission of Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.


Nutritional Information

Per Serving: Calories: 640 | Carbs: 95 g | Fat: 34 g | Protein: 9 g | Sodium: 235 mg | Sugar: 57 g Note: The information shown is based on available ingredients and preparation. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice.