Summertime is grilling time and one of the most fun things to grill are kabobs…or kebabs…or skewered foods. Everyone loves food on a stick. Maybe it brings us back to our childhoods when we could eat and play at the same time – popsicles, ice cream pops, and corndogs. Take a peek at these 6 Unbelievably Cool Vegan Foods on a Stick! Well, just because we’re all grown up now doesn’t mean we still don’t want fun food. Food on a stick is great for parties and cookouts because it’s portable so we can still eat while we mingle and play. Skewered food also lets you arrange the ingredients in a beautiful and colorful presentation.

There is no end to the foods you can put on a skewer. Cook up some tofu, tempeh or seitan and mix it with vegetables. Make your kebabs all veggie or all fruit. Arrange the ingredients according to color or make multi-color kebabs. Add chunks of vegan cheese! Take some tips from The Ultimate Guide to Making Flavor-Packed Marinades for Plant-Based Dishes to add tons of flavor to whichever ingredients you choose. Not sure how to grill all the different veggies? Wondering if you can make skewered food indoors on a stove-top grill pan? We have the answers in How to Grill Tasty Veggies Indoors and Outdoors. Get even more tips, tricks and advice in 5 Tips for Amazing Summer Skewered Food and Krazy for Kebabs: Innovative Ways Upgrade this Grilling Classic Without Meat. So fire up the grill (or grill pan) and make these 9 skewered summer recipes that will make you crazy about kebabs.


1. Tofu Vegetable Kebabs with Peanut Sauce


If you’re not yet a fan of tofu, these Tofu Vegetable Kebabs will change your mind. With its smoky peanut sauce, this will be your new summer grilling favorite.

2. Grilled Seitan Kebabs With Creole Coconut Sauce

Grilled Seitan Kebabs With Creole Coconut Sauce [Vegan]

These Grilled Seitan Kebabs are flavored with spicy Creole seasonings. Those spices are also blended with coconut milk to make a delicious Creole coconut sauce that gets slathered all over the seitan and veggies.

3. Spicy Balsamic Tofu Veggie Kebabs


The tofu and veggies in these Tofu Veggie Kebabs are marinated in a spicy marinade of balsamic vinegar, tamari, and Italian herbs and spices. Mix and match whatever veggies you like for a colorful and flavorful meal.

4. Seitan Kebabs With Sangria Tomato Salad


The seitan in these Seitan Kebabs is flavored with an amazing marinade. The star of the show is the sangria tomato salad which is a savory version of a liquor-marinated fruit salad. We’ll make ours a double!


5. Grilled Fruit Kebabs


These Grilled Fruit Kebabs will be the hit of your party. Grilling the fruit brings out the natural sugars and putting them on skewers makes this a fun treat for kids of all ages.

6. Pineapple Island Vegan Kebabs

Pineapple-Island-Kabobs-1071x800 (1)

These Pineapple Island Kebabs will transport you to the land of sunshine and cool breezes. Lots of veggies plus tofu or seitan are marinated in a sweet and spicy blend of citrus and spices. Grilled pineapple adds a tangy, tropical flavor that will take you away to a land of sunshine.


7. Chicken-Free Satay With Peanut Dipping Sauce


These Chicken-Free Satay with Peanut Dipping Sauce have layers of yumminess. These amazing, flavorful chicken doppelgangers are covered in a marinade of sweet, salty, spicy, and citrus and grilled to a caramelized perfection with a coconut milk and peanut butter dipping sauce that is rich and creamy.

8. Spring Vegetable Kabobs With Orange Sesame Dressing

Spring Vegetable Kabobs With Orange Sesame Dressing [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

These little Spring Vegetable Kabobs have radishes, zucchini, tempeh and green onions bathed in a sweet and spicy orange sesame dressing. These would be perfect for a light and delicious summertime dinner.


9. Off The Grill Cupcakes With Gummy Kebabs

Off The Grill Cupcakes With Gummy Kebabs [Vegan]

Ok, maybe these Off the Grill Cupcakes with Gummy Kebabs aren’t really skewered food but they are adorable. Little pieces of dried fruit or gummy candy are being “cooked” on the chocolate grill marks. So cute!

Dinner on a stick is fun, easy and has endless ideas. Make your summer get-togethers creative, colorful and delicious with these skewered recipes.

Lead image source: Spring Vegetable Kabobs With Orange Sesame Dressing