Everyone’s brain could use some regular boosting. When it comes to focus, functionality, disease prevention and memory retention, there are numerous plant-based foods packed with valuable brain-boosting properties.

That said, here’s a look at five plant-based foods that are sure to give your brain a healthy boost, and perhaps even make you that much smarter!


1. Broccoli

Broccoli is a prime source of vitamin K, which is known to enhance your brain’s power. It is also a source of choline, said to boost cognitive functioning and increase your brain’s strength against fighting off toxins. Plus, broccoli (and other greens) harvest high amounts of folate, aiding in memory retention. Although delicious as a stand alone, to take broccoli to a whole new level, try mixing it in with other supercharged greens and seeds by way of a superfood salad. Or, if you’re looking for something a bit more hearty, try baking up broccoli burgers.

2. Avocados

Avocados are mighty delicious and certainly don’t deserve to be limited to taco nights in the form of guacamole. On the whole, avocados stand out as good sources of fiber, potassium, and vitamins C, K, folate and B6, and carry anti-inflammatory properties. They aid in blood flow, and lower blood pressure, helping avoid risk of hypertension which is a risk factor for developing cognitive issues. Here are 10 fresh vegan recipes with avocado.

3. Blueberries

It doesn’t get much better than blueberries. Among numerous reasons you should be eating more blueberries, these vibrant juicy blues rank the highest in the fruit world when it comes to being loaded with antioxidants that help fight off free radicals. These particular berries have also been linked to slowing cognitive decline and age-related memory loss. The best part is you can take these berries everywhere and eat them anytime. They can be eaten by the handful, sprinkled on your oatmeal or salad, blended into your smoothies, or baked into your breads and pies, with low hassle. Here’s a look at more blueberry-filled inspiration.

4. Walnuts

Along with packing antioxidants, walnuts are a prime source of omega-3 fatty acids (and more specifically, among nuts, carry the highest-amount of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), found to boost brain function and even promote brain-healing. These omega-3 fats have also been shown to boost your overall mood and psyche, lower irritability and help balance out your hormones. Although walnuts can readily stand alone, if you are looking to make a more filling meal out of them, try baking up this vegan carrot walnut bread.


5. Garbanzo Beans

Turns out your hummus addiction just might be even smarter than you think! Garbanzo beans, also known as chickpeas, are a prime food source for magnesium, a key ingredient in keeping your brain cell receptors functioning and sending messages timely. Plus it relaxes your vessels, allowing increased blood flow to your brain. To further fuel your hummus addiction, check out seven unique ways to make hummus.

 Image source: Baked Broccoli Burgers