Hummus is one of my favorite foods because it tastes delicious and can be used in dozens of creative ways. Are you obsessed with this healthy chickpea dip, too? Here are 10 signs you are addicted to hummus.

1. You never eat less than the suggested serving size of 2 tablespoons at a time.

You probably measure your hummus intake by the cup, or don’t mess with measuring at all when it comes to this stuff. Two tablespoons is child’s play!

2. You’re an expert at making homemade hummus.

You’ve tried dozens of recipes and could fill a cookbook with all the batches you’ve created. Garlic, sweet potato, lemon, roasted red pepper – you’ve memorized how to make multiple flavors.

3. The small market down the street keeps ordering a foreign hummus brand because you buy it all out.

It’s that obscure, family-owned business where the employees probably know you as the person who buys tubs on tubs of chickpea spread. You go there because they order the good kind that’s made in and shipped from countries that don’t mess around with their hummus.

4. Your Pinterest is full of hummus recipes.

In fact, you probably have a specific “hummus” board that you add pins to every day.

5. When you don’t know what to eat, your fallback is always hummus.

Hummus sandwiches, hummus quesadilla, hummus pizza – you can put hummus in front of anything and make it a meal. Your grocery trips typically include buying hummus, and you’ve always got an extra hummus tub in the back of the fridge.

6. You’ll gladly eat any flavor of hummus even if you don’t “like” it.

Of course you have your favorites, but even your least favorite flavor is still hummus in your eyes. You can always add some other things to it in a pinch.

7. Going to a potluck means you’re bringing the hummus and probably going to explain what it is in detail to any noobs who may be munching.

8. Your favorite salad dressing and toast topping is hummus.

Why stop at dipping or putting hummus on sandwiches? You know the best kept, healthy way to get a creamy dressing is a runnier hummus mixture. You often are the perceived savior of your friends who love ranch yet never thought to try hummus instead for a thinner waistline.

9. You’ve dipped chickpea chips into hummus and loved it.

Other people may think it’s a bit excessive, but your knack for being a hummus connoisseur means the more chickpeas, the merrier.

10. You’ve contemplated business ideas that involve hummus.

If your current job fails you for long-term success, you’re very confident that you would kick butt owning a hummus food truck or making your own gourmet, organic hummus to sell at farmer’s markets. This second-act career ideas of yours will involve many, many chickpeas, and that excites you.