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Having thick, coarse hair my whole life, I can tell you that eating your way to good hair works far better than relying on trendy, chemical-laden shampoos and conditioners, or those sticky sprays and gels. In fact, turning to food instead of products is actually what turned my hair around for the better. If you’d like to improve your locks and get a gorgeous mane, I’ve got good news for you – all you need to do is pick up your fork and eat some pretty delicious vegan foods. Easy enough, right?

While many animal foods are promoted as beauty foods, I always say turn to plants instead whenever possible. Vegan foods are practically bursting with nutrients to make your hair, skin, and nails look fantastic, not to mention your mind and body. Plus, eating these vegan foods that make your hair gorgeous is friendlier to animals and the planet, so there’s no guilt included. Include more of these awesome foods into your routine and in just weeks or about a month, you’re likely to see a huge improvement in your locks.

1. Avocadosgrilled chickpea-stuffed avocado

Avocados are commonly known as a food that’s healthy for your heart and mind, but they also happen to be especially great for your hair. Avocados’ healthy fats promote moisture throughout the entire body so they not only help prevent hair breakage but can also help your hair grow longer and stay stronger. Try them out in these 10 vegan recipes and take on a new appreciation for this everyday green fruit.

2. Chia SeedsSaffron Rosewater Chia Pudding With Apple Compote

Chia seeds are rich in calcium, iron, and B vitamins, all which help promote strength and healthy growth. They are also a great source of protein that your hair needs to stay strong and resist breakage. Try them out in some delicious vegan chia pudding or these other awesome 11 recipes.

3. Almonds3 Ingredient Salted Chocolate Almond Clusters

Almonds are a great source of protein and they have a large amount of Vitamin E. Protein helps improve collagen in the body, which is needed for proper hair growth and strength. Vitamin E helps improve elasticity and moisture so your hair will resist breakage and dryness. Have a handful of raw almonds for a snack or include them in any of your diet in a variety of other ways.

4. KaleKale, Red Cabbage, and Lentil Salad Wrap

What is kale not great for, right? Well, just in case you need another reason to eat more kale, do it for your hair. Kale is rich in iron and B vitamins that your hair loves, not to mention alkaline foods like kale help prevent acidity in the body. An acidic body causes the body to break down, including your hair and nails. Kale will help promote alkalinity and its incredible nutrient profile will ensure you get everything you need for optimal hair. Throw some kale in your next green smoothie, make your own batch of kale chips,  or have a delicious kale salad for lunch.

5. Cucumberscucumber noodles

Cucumbers contain the mineral silica, which promotes beautiful hair, skin, and nails. It strengthens by improving collagen in the body, so cucumbers are a great way to prevent your hair from breakage and damage. Cucumbers are also naturally cooling to the body so enjoy plenty of them in the spring and summer when hair is especially prone to damage from longer days outside. Need ideas? Try out these 10 cucumber recipes  to cool you off and give you gorgeous hair at the same time!

6. CacaoRaw Cacao Sea Salt Caramel Cups

Cacao is a raw superfood used by many for beauty purposes and it’s rich in key nutrients that can help your hair grow long and stay strong. Cacao contains iron, zinc, protein, magnesium, and even a few B vitamins. Cacao is also incredibly rich in sulfur, which promotes beauty throughout the entire body. Having some raw cacao powder a little each day is a great way to take advantage of these nutrients in one tasty way.  If you need an excuse to enjoy cacao, here are 20 great recipes that justify your need for this delicious superfood.

7. AcaiBlackberry Acai Nice Cream c

Acai is rich in omega 3 fatty acids, which some people aren’t aware of. It’s also a great source of protein and B vitamins, not to mention antioxidants. Omega 3 fatty acids help keep your hair and skin moist to prevent breakage and dryness, and the antioxidants in acai can help improve the overall look of your hair overtime. You can use acai in powder form or buy the frozen packs found in the freezer aisle at your supermarket. Acai is especially awesome in a smoothie or you can make an acai bowl as a more creative way to enjoy this beauty food.

8. WalnutsCozonac: Romanian Walnut and Cacao Christmas Loaf

Walnuts are another great vegan source of omega 3 fatty acids. They’re the only nut to contain omega 3s and they also contain a nice dose of B vitamins. Walnuts can improve your brain, hair, skin, and nails, plus they taste amazing in just about everything. About 6 halves a day is all you need to get the benefits so try them out in some homemade walnut butter or this vegan lasagna recipe.

9. Fortified Almond Milk


Most all nondairy milks are fortified but I’m partial to almond milk since it’s less allergenic than soy and lower in saturated fat than coconut milk. Fortified almond milk is a great nondairy source of calcium, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin E. Most brands also contain Vitamin D for optimal bone health as a plus. Be sure to select a nondairy milk without added sugar since sugar (natural or not) can lead to collagen breakdown, which you definitely don’t want for multiple reasons. Nondairy milk can be used in anything and in case you need some new ideas, here are some you might not have thought of yet. 

10. TahiniRussian Tahini Fudge b

Tahini, or sesame seed butter, is a fantastic source of iron, zinc, and calcium. All of these minerals promote strong, healthy hair along with beautiful skin and nails. Tahini is commonly used in vegan salad dressings but you can use it anywhere you’d use another nut butter. Try out this yummy burger with tahini dressing as a great way to get some tahini into your life!

What’s your favorite of these vegan foods that make your hair gorgeous? Got a favorite food for your hair that’s not listed here? Let me know so I can enjoy it too!

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Lead image source: Raw Russian Tahini Fudge

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