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1. Stuffed Peppers

Vegan Stuffed Peppers

Source: Stuffed Peppers

This Stuffed Peppers by Hannah Sunderani is healthy and satiating, vibrant, and flavorful. And these Stuffed Peppers are perfect for when you need an easy weeknight dinner that you can whip together effortlessly.

2. Citrus Carrot and Cranberry Oatmeal

Vegan Citrus Carrot and Cranberry Oatmeal

Source: Citrus Carrot and Cranberry Oatmeal

Adding citrus is a great trick for sweetening oatmeal. The brightness of citrus adds great flavor to the oatmeal. which reduces the need for a bunch of added sugar. It is better to use fresh cranberries more than dried in this Citrus Carrot and Cranberry Oatmeal by Lauren Smith because they ‘pop’ while they cook, getting their tart juices throughout the porridge and adding great flavor.

3. Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge

Vegan Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge

Source: Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge

There’s nothing better than a warm bowl of nourishing porridge to start the day with, warming the tum and giving you the sustained energy you need to do all the things you need to do before midday. This Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Porridge by Taryn Fitz-Gerald porridge will do just that! Fill you up and keep you going until your mid-morning snack, or even lunch! It consists of a handful of ingredients, and only takes a couple of minutes to make.

4. Mango Nutty Nutella Pie Galette

Vegan Mango Nutty Nutella Pie Galette

Source: Mango Nutty Nutella Pie Galette

Make this Mango Nutty Nutella Pie Galette by Mireille Aikman for your friends and family. A creamy blend of chocolate and fruit, it’s so delicious! Are you ready to learn how you can make your own mango nutty nutella pie galette? Lets get started!

5. Artisan Sweet Potato and Onion Bread

Vegan Artisan Sweet Potato and Onion Bread

Source: Artisan Sweet Potato and Onion Bread

If you decide to make this Artisan Sweet Potato and Onion Bread by Lydia Filgueras, give yourself plenty of time. You need to prepare a starter the night before and there’s a long period of bulk fermentation before the loaves can be shaped. Then another hour and a half or so of proofing before the bread is baked. You need to be patient…but it’s worth it!

6. Simple Bao Buns with Hoisin Eggplant and Quick Pickled Carrot

Vegan Simple Bao Buns with Hoisin Eggplant and Quick Pickled Carrot

Source: Simple Bao Buns with Hoisin Eggplant and Quick Pickled Carrot

Chinese bao buns (pronounced ‘bow’) are slightly sweet, steamed fluffy dough pockets filled with a savory treat. Traditionally the buns are made using yeast in the dough, which requires kneading and rising before steaming. Since most of us are time poor, this version is a quicker ‘cheats’ version. As the dough has a sweetness to it, the filling benefits in this Simple Bao Buns with Hoisin Eggplant and Quick Pickled Carrot by Jo Pratt from a powerful punch of flavor provided by the sticky hoisin eggplant.

7. Pistachio Lime Crunch Bars

Vegan Pistachio Lime Crunch Bars

Source: Pistachio Lime Crunch Bars

These bars are the perfect dessert when you’re craving something unique and full of flavor. These Pistachio Lime Crunch Bars by Krisztina Berta have crunchy almonds, pistachios, soft dates, and fresh lime juice, and it all comes together to make this perfect chewy and absolutely delicious bar.

8. Salted Caramel Tarts

Vegan Salted Caramel Tarts

Source: Salted Caramel Tarts

Are you a fan of salted caramel? If so, these Salted Caramel Tarts by Harriet Porterfield are gonna be right up your street! Light, creamy and surprisingly healthy, these little salted caramel tarts are just what you need to celebrate the start of spring. No bake, dairy, gluten and refined sugar free, they’re the perfect dessert for when you want something sweet yet light.

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