Desserts are a satisfying treat that most everyone should indulge in after a meal — or just whenever you’re in the mood! But then, you might have some limitations to this ideal thought: I can’t have dessert for breakfast. Or maybe you’re looking to shed a few pounds and you tell yourself, No, desserts are definitely off limits!

Then there are those who might have dietary restrictions, like diabetes, too. In these cases, desserts are probably never on your menu either. So, what should you do in this case? Not give in, watch others enjoy decadent desserts, and quietly suffer on the inside? No, not quite!


No one should have to go without dessert – ever! With these low fat, sugar-free (or low sugar), raw vegan treats, there’s a dessert for everyone on this menu. No need to cringe and walk away from the baking aisle at the grocery store anymore. With these delicious, amazingly decadent, raw vegan desserts from our Food Monster App, you’ll enjoy indulging fare in no time.

1. Sugar-Free, No Bake Bourbon Tiramisu


Source: Sugar-Free, No Bake Bourbon Tiramisu

Dip a chocolate biscuit into a chocolatey tiramisu with extra coconut whipped cream on top, and this is sure to be a party in your mouth. The extra strong taste of coffee in Clémence Moulaert‘s Tiramisu will keep you alert and energized.

2. Raw and Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse 


Source: Raw and Sugar-Free Chocolate Mousse


Decadent chocolate mousse at its best, without the sugar! If you want a simple and quick recipe that’ll surprise even yourself, this Chocolate Mousse by Pauline Hanuise is it. A elegant display of culinary mastery without the schooling.

3. Raw Vegan Mince Pies


Source: Raw Vegan Mince Pies

It doesn’t have to be Christmas to enjoy Rachael Campbell‘s Vegan Mince Pies. They are great mini treats for every fancy affair without too much hard work. These raw vegan pies are great for the weight-conscious with their petite portion sizes.

4. Super Healthy Vegan Berry Fruit Tarts with Chia Seeds


Source: Berry Fruit Tarts with Chia Seeds


Emily von Euw‘s Berry Fruit Tarts are a vegan take on a classic fruit tart without the gelatin. Plus, it’s way healthier. Think super chia seeds and antioxidant-packed berries. It’s a colorful dessert to add to any menu and is great for the warmer weather.

5. Chocolate Cream Caramel Bars


Source: Chocolate Cream Caramel Bars


Miss those chewy, gooey, oh-so-good Snickers bar? Well, we have something better and a lot healthier! Try Emily von Euw‘s vegan Chocolate Cream Caramel Bars to fight those mid-day hunger pangs. Guilt-free.

6. Raw Coconut Mango Tarts with Figs, Walnuts, Cinnamon, & Ginger 


Source: Raw Coconut Mango Tarts

A tropical take on the classic tart, Emily von Euw Raw Coconut Mango Tarts are perfect anytime of the year, especially spring and summer, when coconut is in season. Escape to a daydream island paradise as you indulge in this exotic treat.

7. Divine Carrot Cake


Source: Divine Carrot Cake


Carrot Cake is a classic that many know and love. Nadia Petrova‘s recipe is a healthy, cruelty-free cake that’s (just as the title states) DIVINE!

8. Minty Green Chocolate Cream Bars

Minty Green Chocolate Cream Bars 2

Source: Minty Green Chocolate Cream Bars

If you love the combined taste of mint chocolate, you’ll love Emily von Euw‘s Minty Green Chocolate Cream Bars. They are the perfect way to satisfy your ice cream craving — vegan-style!

9. Raw Mandarin Carrot Cake with Lemon Cream


Source: Raw Mandarin Carrot Cake with Lemon Cream

If you’re feeling adventurous, try this spin on a classic. Using mandarin oranges and a bit of lemon, this Raw Mandarin Carrot Cake with Lemon Cream is a tangy and sweet twist that’s sure to draw you some fans. Who knew you were such a creative chef?

10. Raw Almond Chunky Monkey Ice Cream


Source: Raw Almond Chunky Monkey Ice Cream

Here’s a childhood favorite that you can have again! If you’ve been holding out on ice cream, fear not. We’ve got this raw vegan, way healthier alternative to the Chunky Monkey Ice Cream by Julie West.

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Lead image source: Minty Green Chocolate Cream Bars