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In the past year since the vegan JUST Egg was launched, it has taken the world by storm. It has outsold real eggs in certain sectors and has made its way into fast food chains and grocery stores. Now, it’s heading to the largest retailer in the world, Walmart.

While many ethical consumers may be reasonably distrustful of Walmart, this is a huge sign of the progress and evolution of plant-based foods. The JUST Egg may scramble like real eggs, but it’s made of protein from mung beans. Until now, such a product would have been very difficult to find. This opportunity also makes the product more accessible to other people who may otherwise not purchase these kinds of plant-based alternatives.

JUST CEO Josh Tetrick says, “I’m really proud to announce that we’re going to be bringing Just Egg to Walmart because, you know, it’s the biggest retailer in the world, so much more than a vegan thing.” The move is also about sustainability and providing more sustainable alternatives to food choices that are harmful to the environment. One million units of JUST Egg equate to ten million conventional eggs, and it uses 98 percent less water, emits 93 percent less CO2, and uses 96 percent less land.

Make Your Own Plant-Based Egg Alternative

If you’re happy that a plant-based alternative to eggs is now available to a lot more people, but would much rather make your own than step foot in a Walmart, we’ve got you covered with these recipes from the Food Monster App.

1. Cheesy Garlic and Onion Tofu Scramble

Cheesy Garlic and Onion Tofu Scramble

Source: Cheesy Garlic and Onion Tofu Scramble

This Cheesy Garlic and Onion Tofu Scramble by Christina Bedetta is a wonderful dish to start your day with. The tender onions and garlic are slowly mixed into the tofu and tied together with the cheesiness of the nooch and finished with the aromatic flare that the fresh basil provides.

2. Scrambled “Eggs”

Vegan scrambled eggs

Source: Scrambled “Eggs”

You can prepare many different dishes with tofu and get spectacular results. In this case, it will be useful to prepare delicious Scrambled “Eggs” by Amarilis Moldes! Super easy to make, it solo take you about 10 minutes to prepare a different and delicious dish!

3. Spiced Chickpea Breakfast Scramble

Spiced Chickpea Breakfast Scramble

Source: Spiced Chickpea Breakfast Scramble

If you need a quick breakfast that’ll give you a great start to your day, try this Spiced Chickpea Breakfast Scramble by Robin Runner! It’s a soy-free take on the classic tofu scramble that still packs an impressive amount of protein and flavor. Serve on top of toast with greens, tomatoes, or vegan cheese. This recipe is so easy to make and a great go-to, post-workout meal that refuels and restores.

We also highly recommend downloading our Food Monster App, which is available for iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. The app has more than 15,000 plant-based, allergy-friendly recipes, and subscribers gain access to new recipes every day. Check it out!

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