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Eggscellent news! The JUST Egg from plant-based food company JUST has outsold all liquid whole eggs in a major retailer within the first week of being available there!

JUST (formerly Hampton Creek) has certainly made a name for itself in the market, with its mayo alternatives and spreads found in many major retailers like Whole Foods and Target, bringing access to plant-based alternatives to the masses. Earlier this year they released the much-needed and welcomed product to the market, the JUST Egg, a plant-based scrambled egg alternative made from mung beans. Available in select restaurants and retail markets, the JUST Egg is slowly but surely becoming as commonplace as the brand’s other products.

Although they are not permitted to say which retailer the data is from, JUST provided the following chart to visualize the impressive sales:

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The egg industry is rife with animal cruelty, with baby chicks ground up alive by the barrel and the living birds suffering from clipped beaks, harsh treatment, and extremely overcrowded environments that lead to injuries, illnesses, and lameness. They are denied access to outdoors (yes, even “free range” and “cage free” labels are misleading with the law requiring bare minimum and inadequate outdoor access that is still typically highly overcrowded and unhygienic) and cannot even stretch their wings. Egg farms are also responsible for the spread of dangerous diseases like avian flu, cause serious respiratory illnesses, and create a tremendous amount of waste that contributes to Global warming. Considering all this, JUST Egg is the far better option for the health of ourselves, animals, and the environment and society as a whole.

To learn more about how our food choices directly affect the environment, be sure to get your hands on the Eat for the Planet book!

This promising sales result is a wonderful sign that the American consumer is becoming increasingly more conscious of what they spend their money on and will readily opt for quality animal-free products when provided with them. We hope this trend only continues to spread as the JUST Egg arrives at more retailers, including Gelson’s in Southern California this week — woohoo!

To learn more about the JUST brand, visit their website here.

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Image Source: JUST Foods