Singer Richard Marx recently opened up about why he and his wife, Daisy Fuentes, went vegan, saying, “I don’t want to eat a living thing.” Marx, best known for his 80s and 90s music, is currently on a worldwide tour promoting his upcoming album. Marx told Yahoo Life that he loves to visit different vegan restaurants, bars, and mom-and-pop coffee shops.

Source: Richard Marx/Youtube

Marx first stopped eating red meat when he was 18 years old and eventually became a pescatarian. However, after watching several documentaries, he began to think about going fully plant-based. He told Yahoo Life that when he and his wife watched Blackfish, a film about orca whales that are captured and held captive, his mind was made up.

“There’s a really emotional scene where these a**holes take a baby orca from the water and pull it out of the water and the family of the baby orca start crying — wailing in sadness,” Marx says. “It moved both Daisy and me. I paused the movie. I put my head down and I looked at Daisy. I just had this breakthrough thought, ‘How do I know the family of the salmon I ate last night didn’t do the same thing?'”

“I don’t want to be part of that anymore,” he continued. “I don’t want to eat a living thing anymore. [Daisy] was with me, and that was it.”

It has now been seven years, and Marx and Fuentes love eating vegan. According to Marx, Fuentes makes the perfect animal-free version of meat dishes. Marx says that he often hears people say that it would be too hard to go vegan because they would have to give up fish or eggs.

“Well, yeah you can give up those things,” he says. “You can make the choice, and you do it. Your body doesn’t need them.”

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