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When you’re eating plant-based, it’s nice to have some quick, go-to meals to prepare that will fill you up and are easy to eat. The beloved burrito is one of those perfect foods that can easily be made vegan by simply omitting dairy products and meat. Vegan burritos don’t have to be skimpy. Beans, rice, tofu, salsa, lettuce, fajita vegetables, pickled radishes, guacamole, vegan cheese alternatives, you name it and you can have a super filling and tasty burrito on a vegan diet. By choosing wholesome, delicious ingredients that provide a balance of nutrients such as brown rice, organic sprouted grain tortillas and organic vegetables, your burrito can even be healthy! Check out these steps for making the perfectly layered burrito.

1. Gather Ingredients and Prep

Before you set out to layer your many ingredients on your burrito, it helps to have all of the items out and ready at one time. Cook your rice, fry your peppers, mix your guacamole and chop your tomatoes. Once everything is prepared, cleaned, chopped and ready, you can start layering.

2. Spread Refried Beans

Place a tortilla on a flat surface and spread your vegan refried beans mixture down the center of your tortilla. You can take cooked black or pinto beans, warm them on the stove and mash together. Mashed beans work best for this first layer because it will help bind the other ingredients together.

3. Add Rice

Next, add some brown rice or Spanish rice to your burrito. Adding this ingredient next rather than slippery vegetables or salsa helps the rice bind to the bean spread. Now you’ve got a great core for your awesome vegan burrito.

4. Add Your Protein

Next, later your main protein or filling. Try (add a recipe tofu, black beans, shredded pieces of vegan chicken product. Or you can make your own vegan meat

5. Place Fajita Vegetables

Place your fajita veggies next. Sautéed vegetables like onion, pepper and carrot work well in a burrito.

6. Add Guacamole

Spoon your delicious guacamole on the burrito next. Buying a tub from the store may be a time-saver, but fresh guacamole just tastes so much better. Try this knock-off-amole recipe, which calls for green peas.

7. Sprinkle Vegan Cheese

Vegan burritos can contain all of the ooey-gooey goodness of cheese by using packaged vegan cheese alternatives. Or, make your own.

8. Add Salsa and Lettuce

You’re almost done! Now, sprinkle your vegan cheese on top and add your homemade vegan salsa. Try these recipes: Salsa VerdeBlack Bean & Corn Salsa, and classic Salsa.

There you have it — follow this order when making your burrito and you’ll have a tasty burrito with no random globs of guacamole and no seas of rice to eat before you see any vegetables. This layering system helps hold all of the ingredients together, ensuring everything is evenly spread out in the tortilla.

Lead Image Source: SweetOnVeg/Flickr

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