Boxed cake mixes are an amazing way to create no-fuss cakes with very few ingredients. Not only are they delicious, but they are easy to adjust as well. You can quickly transform these mixes into a vegan cake and jazz them up with all kinds of delicious additives. If you want to know how to transform a normal boxed cake into a vegan masterpiece, check out the tips!

How to Make a Vegan Box Cake Mix

Making a vegan box cake is much easier than you think. Many brands are either accidentally vegan or offer vegan options. Not only can you make a delicious vegan box cake, but you can also make it special by adding extra ingredients. You can make it your own so that no one would ever suspect that it came from a box.

Replace the Eggs

The trickiest part of making a vegan box cake mix is replacing the eggs. Like any non-vegan recipe, the eggs are a big part of the ingredients and need to be adequately replaced. Some very common substitutes are apple sauce, fruit puree, flax eggs, chia eggs, and vegan egg mixes. These will all help bind the recipe together to create a realistic cake.

The egg substitute you choose will significantly impact the final product, so you may have to experiment before deciding on what you prefer. Fruit purees will change the flavor of the cake and make it slightly heavier, while flax or chia eggs will alter the appearance. Applesauce is an excellent option as it will not affect the flavor or the appearance and is lighter than other fruit purees.

What egg substitute you choose will depend on your cake preference because some replacements will create a more moist, heavier, chewier, or prettier cake.

Source: Gretchen’s Vegan Bakery/Youtube

Replace the Milk

The next ingredient that you will need to replace is milk. This is a straightforward thing to change since most plant milk can take the place of cow’s milk without any problems.

You can use your favorite plant milk like oat milk, almond milk, cashew milk, or soy milk. Any plant milk should work just fine and not affect the outcome.

How to Level Up a Box Cake Mix

Now that you know how to make the basic adjustments to a box cake mix you should know about the other ways to alter a box cake! Here are some top hacks that you can use to create delicious box cakes!

1. Use a Carbonated Drink

This is a handy trick that even non-vegans use when making cake box mixes. The carbonated drink acts as a leavening that takes the eggs’ place. This creates a very tender and moist cake with a delicate crumb.

The best part about this hack is that you can alter the cake flavor with the drink. Some common combinations are vanilla cake with ginger ale, chocolate cake with cherry coke, and cream soda with strawberry cake. This isn’t the healthiest option, but it is a fun one! To make a more nutritious and less sweet version, you could use carbonated water instead. This will give the same results minus the extra flavor and sugar.

Remember that this hack creates a very delicate cake, so it isn’t a good option if you are looking to ice it or layer it.

Source: Edgy Veg/Youtube

2. Add Pie Filling

Pie filling is another way to transform a vegan box cake mix! You can easily alter the taste and consistency by adding your favorite pie mix.

This will alter the texture into a more dense and moist cake that will often be rich and jammy. It is excellent if you do not like very light and airy cakes. You can create fun combinations to achieve different flavor profiles or even make festive cakes by using pumpkin pie filling or apple pie filling.

This will also replace the eggs in the recipe and help to bind the ingredients together. You may have to alter the baking time to make up for all of the added moisture. This option will create a delightful cake, so you may want to leave it plain or give it a nice glaze instead of adding frosting.

3. Add More Flour

One really handy hack to get your vegan box cake to turn out like a traditional cake is to add more flour. This can help to give the cake the structure that the eggs would typically give, creating a sturdier cake with a better crumb. This is perfect if you want to frost the cake or layer it, as it will be more sturdy and can handle being moved around. It will also have a better bite to it and be more realistic in relation to box cakes made with eggs.

4. Add Pudding Mix

Adding some pudding mix into a vegan box cake mix is a great way to get a moist and structured cake. The pudding mix can help to replace the eggs and give the cake some added moisture and flavor.

This is an old hack that people have been doing for years to achieve perfectly tender and moist cakes that still have structure. It creates a delicious cake that isn’t too delicate or sweet.

You can even alter the cake according to the pudding flavor you choose!

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