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In Washington, D.C., a vegan restaurant went viral for its unusual and hilarious descriptions of its plant-based desserts. They don’t explain what the dessert is, but instead, they seem to be the owner’s opinion of each item.

BDG’s Ghicken Vegan, located in northeast D.C.’s Edgewood neighborhood, has caught the attention of Twitter users. One user posted a screenshot of the menu on a delivery app with the caption, “These are the best menu descriptions I’ve ever seen. Sheer perfection”

Likely written by the owner, they are genuine opinions of the various vegan cakes they offer.

The vegan red velvet cake description says, ‘Finally after years of practice. This is the best.’ while the vegan strawberry orange cake reads, ‘Uh oh… lol.’

For the vegan strawberry cake, the owner wrote, ‘OK after even more years of practice this one is the best.’

The menu takes a turn for the vegan key lime cake, reading ‘An acquired taste lol, but hey, I like it and apparently, a lot of others do too. Thank you.’

The vegan carrot cake is ‘sickening is too good’ then continues, ‘I know you’ve had terrible carrot cakes in the past, but I am different.’

It seems the owner has the coconut cake on the menu, but not because he thinks it’s good at all, ‘I do not like coconuts but a lot of people do, I do not get why this sells a lot.’

Nearing the end, the writer seems worn out and writes ‘I am out of words.’ for the vegan chocolate cake and simply notes ‘Lemon.’ for the vegan lemon cake.

The tweet went viral and has over 127,000 likes with some hilarious replies.

One user said, “New dating profile tagline – “I know you’ve had terrible carrot cakes in the past, but I am different.”

While another said, “using the key lime description as a response whenever someone asks me to tell them about myself.”

Check out these vegan cake recipes to make your own at home!

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