It’s the season of potlucks, gatherings, and holiday parties! There are certain things that all of these events just must have, such as pie, a roast, roasted vegetables, cookies, gingerbread, peppermint, eggnog, and dinner rolls! Who doesn’t love bread? You can also get creative with them by making them savory, a bit sweet, and adding herbs or seeds. Here are 15 vegan dinner rolls from the Food Monster App everyone at your holiday party will love!

1. Poppy Seed Bread Rolls

Vegan Poppy Seed Bread Rolls

Source: Poppy Seed Bread Rolls


There is nothing intricate and elaborate about the recipe. But, they are so good! Slightly sweet, fluffy and soft, these Poppy Seed Bread Rolls by Namita Tiwari have lovely crunch and nuttiness that comes from the poppy seeds in the dough. They taste absolutely amazing with homemade apricot jam or vegan butter.

2. Homemade Dinner Rolls

vegan homemade dinner rolls

Source: Homemade Dinner Rolls

This Homemade Dinner Rolls recipe by Mireille Aikman is not only super tasty but also super easy to make. Soft, pillowy with just a hint of garlic. So what are you waiting for? You can’t get better dinner rolls than this. So are you ready to learn how you can make homemade dinner rolls? Let’s get started!

3. Rosemary and Sea Salt Dinner Rolls

Rosemary and sea salt vegan dinner rolls

Source: Rosemary and Sea Salt Dinner Rolls


What’s fab about this Rosemary and Sea Salt Dinner Rolls recipe by Gabrielle St. Claire, is everything! It’s fairly quick, straightforward, packs flavor, perf for any season, has aesthetic appeal, buttery soft, you can omit the rosemary and sea salt for just a classic dinner roll, and great for entertaining!

4. Cauliflower Rolls

Vegan cauliflower Rolls

Source: Cauliflower Rolls


These simple Cauliflower Rolls by Lisa Dobler are great for having for breakfast or can be served with dinner. They dough is made mostly of cauliflower, with a dash of almond flour and spiced with onions, sesame seeds, and poppy seeds. Then they’re thrown in the oven and served hot.

5. Potato Oregano Rolls

Vegan Oregano Rolls in a basket

Source: Potato Oregano Rolls


These savory Potato Oregano Rolls by Namita Tiwari are soft, delicious and simple to make! These rolls pair well with stew, soup or even a big bowl of pasta!

6. Sweet Potato Rolls

Vegan Sweet Potato Dinner Rolls

Source: Sweet Potato Rolls

Sweet potatoes are in season! They make a wonderful addition to breads. Its natural sweetness enhances the taste and texture of the bread in this Sweet Potato Rolls recipe by Namita Tiwari make it denser, and adds tons of nutritional value.

7. Paleo Dinner Rolls

Vegan Gluten-Free Paleo Dinner Rolls with herbs to garnish

Source: Paleo Dinner Rolls

This paleo recipe will totally fill your bread cravings, and for under 100 calories a roll! These Paleo Dinner Rolls by Amanda Froelich are easy to make and so delicious! Pair them with soup, stew, or even just throw a savory spread on them and enjoy them alone!

8. Olive Oil Bread Rolls

Olive Oil Bread Rolls

Source: Olive Oil Bread Rolls


Light, fluffy, and savory, these Olive Oil Bread Rolls by Lenia Patsi are perfect for any dish. Whole wheat buns are speckled with tangy olives, fresh rosemary, and garlic powder and topped with sesame and poppy seeds. These rolls are perfect for pairing with soup, dinner, or making sandwiches.

9. Soft Rolls

Soft vegan dinner rolls

Source: Soft Rolls

These Soft Rolls by Gretchen Price are perfect for everything. They are soft, delicate, and beautiful. You can use them for sandwiches and burgers or eat them for breakfast with your favorite spread.

10. Thanksgiving Skillet Rolls

Thanksgiving Skillet Rolls 1

Source: Thanksgiving Skillet Rolls

These Skillet Rolls from the Cruelty Free Family are like little pillowy dough puffs of happiness. They have a crispy exterior, a dense doughy center, and plenty of buttery flavor. Sprinkle with some rosemary and watch how quickly these rolls run out!

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