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It’s always time for a sweet treat. But sometimes donuts and brownies can get a little boring, and you might be looking to mix up your dessert game. These Danish recipes don’t just look good, they taste insanely delicious! Enjoy them with a warm cup of your favorite beverage in the morning or even have them for dessert to celebrate the end of your day.

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1. Bakery Style Cheese Danish

A plant based, bakery style cheese danish

Source: Bakery Style Cheese Danish

These Bakery Style Cheese Danish by Gretchen Price are authentic yeast buns filled with sweet vegan cream cheese and for a variation you make them just fruit filled or do a combination of both!

2. Cherry Cheese Danish Crescent Rolls

Cherry Cheese Danish Crescent Rolls

Source: Cherry Cheese Danish Crescent Rolls

Imagine, flaky, buttery crescent roll dough stuffed with sweet cream cheese and gooey fruit pie filling and then covered with a sugary glaze. What could be better for dessert — or breakfast — with a cup of hot coffee? These Cherry Cheese Danish Crescent Rolls by Melanie Sorrentino look like they came right out of a bakery, but they’re actually super-easy to make.

3. Blueberry Jam Danishes

vegan Blueberry Jam Danishes

Source: Blueberry Jam Danishes

These Blueberry Jam Danishes by Lan Pham Wilson are not only delicious but they are beautiful as well. The blueberry is a perfect mix of tangy and sweet! You must try them!

4. Pumpkin Cream Cheese Danish

Vegan Pumpkin Cream Cheese Danish

Source: Pumpkin Cream Cheese Danish

What’s fab about danishes, is that they sound fancy and involved, but with the help of a ready made pastry dough it’s so easy breezy you could make it while hopping on one foot, instagramming, or while doing your taxes. If you love effortless eats and all things pumpkin, then this Pumpkin Cream Cheese Danish by Gabrielle St. Claire is for you!

5. Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish

Vegan Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish

Source: Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish

This Raspberry Cream Cheese Danish recipe by Gabrielle St. Claire rocks because it is effortless, perfect for any season, great aesthetic appeal, non-vegan approved, and the sugar can easily be modified to your preference! It’s easy, cream cheesy, affordable, has minimal ingredients, is perfect for brunch, and can be made with whatever fruit you’re craving! If you love effortless vegan breakfast concepts that don’t disappoint, you have to try this danish!

6. Cherry and Pistachio Danish

Vegan Cherry and Pistachio Danish

Source: Cherry and Pistachio Danish

This Cherry and Pistachio Danish is easy, cheesy, affordable, packed with cherries, almond extract in the cream cheese pairs perfectly, the addition of pistachios puts it over the top, can be paired with any fruit, and is fun to make!! This recipe by Gabrielle St. Claire rocks because it is effortless, affordable, perfect for any season, has aesthetic appeal, and will make you look like a brunch boss.

7. Easy Crescent Danish Rolls

Easy Crescent Danish Rolls

Source: Easy Crescent Danish Rolls

Sometimes the best way to start your day is with dessert — and that’s where these Easy Crescent Danish Rolls by Melanie Sorrentino come into play. Stuffed with vegan cream cheese and fruity jam, they’re the lovechild of two beloved breakfast pastries. You don’t need to toil away in the kitchen to make these, either. They take minimal prep and bake up just 10 minutes!

8. Braided Cream Cheese and Jam Danish

Vegan Braided Cream Cheese and Jam Danish

Source: Braided Cream Cheese and Jam Danish

Making pastries might seem like a difficult task, but this Braided Cream Cheese and Jam Danish by Jasmine Briones will change your mind about that! It’s made from pizza dough, so you can buy from the store or your local pizzeria. The filling is also easy; it’s stuffed with vegan cream cheese and whatever kind of jam you like, so you can adjust it to whatever is in season. This sweet Danish is perfect for breakfast or dessert with a hot cup of strong tea or coffee.

9. Almond Prune Danish

Vegan almond prune danish

Source: Almond Prune Danish

Tight on time in the morning? This Almond Prune Danish recipe by Lee Khatchadourian-Reese only takes 3-4 minutes to prepare and 15 minutes to bake. You’ll on your way in no time a delicious breakfast in hand!

10. Bonus: 15 Sweet and Savory Vegan Pastry Dough Recipes

vegan pastry dough recipes

Source: 15 Sweet and Savory Vegan Pastry Dough Recipes

Who doesn’t love pastry dough? It’s sweet, buttery, and so delicate that it basically melts in your mouth. Plus, store-bought pastry dough is almost always vegan, so vegan pastry dough recipes are so easy! Just open up the canister and put in some applesblueberries, chocolate, or whatever other filling you want! Making your own is really fun too! Either way the pastries you make will taste amazing, especially if you try one of these 15 Sweet and Savory Vegan Pastry Dough Recipes! There are so many different options, from savory entrees to sweet desserts and all of them are crowd-pleasers!

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Vegan Blueberry Pop-Tarts

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