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Summer is that time of year when we’re surrounded by barbecues, long days outside, and beach trips. Whether you’re packing a picnic lunch for your latest outdoor adventure or road trip, planning a barbecue menu, or just enjoying the seasonal food, there’s no better meal than a sandwich!

With the heat of the season, however, you may not always want the same kind of sandwich you would eat other times of the year. Lucky for you, our bloggers and the Food Monster App have plenty of ways to make sandwiches lighter, use the classic summer grill, and utilize the ingredients of the season to make your summer sandwich perfect. Check these tips out and don’t forget to check out out entire archive of recipe tips and hacks!

1. Grill it up!

Green Goddess Griller
Image Source: Green Goddess Griller

When it comes to summer cooking, the grill is your best friend! It’s the star of the barbecue, the outdoor party, and the summer dinner in general, and provides some great added flavor to your toasted bread. Get grilling with a Green Goddess Griller by Jennifer Rose Rossano which features refreshing avocado, pesto, and vegan cheese!

Of course, nothing says summer grilling like a veggie burger. Make this Quinoa and White Bean Burger by Julie West that holds up on the grill, packed with protein and fiber and topped with an array of fixings that scream summer!

You can use pickled veggies (or pickle your own seasonal summer veggies from your garden!) and marinated tofu for a flavor-packed Grilled Marinated Tofu Sandwich, brought to you by Heather Poire. Grilled and perfectly seasoned ingredients will make using the grill the hottest tip of the summer.

2. Take out the lettuce! 

Grilled Artichoke and Quinoa Lettuce Wraps
Image Source: Grilled Artichoke and Quinoa Lettuce Wraps

Looking for something lighter? Taking the bread off a sandwich and replacing it with a lettuce wrap or other leafy wrap is a great way to make a sandwich a little less heavy for a hot day. An additional perk? All of these recipes are gluten-free! First, try these Grilled Artichoke and Quinoa Lettuce Wraps by Zsu Dever. The bright lemon, fresh veggies and fluffy quinoa are refreshingly nutritious.

You could also go with UnTuna Wraps from Rich Roll and Julie Piatt for a vegan twist on a summer camp meal. Simple, light, and delicious, wrapped in whatever kind of leaf you prefer!

Jesse Lane Lee also brings you a great bread-less option: Hummus Collard Wraps! Great on the go for your next adventure, you can easily make these the night before and pack them for any summer trip you’ve got planned. These are just a few of the great ways that you can remove the bread and lighten up!

3. Twist a classic!

Mediterranean Summer Sandwiches: Marinated Tofu and Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto on Ciabatta
Image source: Marinated tofu and Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto on Ciabatta

Summer is a time for classic recipes and traditions, like family picnics you have every year, vacations full of traditions, and memories of time off from school as a kid. What better way to eat some summer sandwiches than with a twist on some of the classics! These Mediterranean Marinated tofu and Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto on Ciabatta sandwiches by Rene Barker have the style and flavor of a classic caprese, but with marinated tofu, bright veggies, hummus and sun-dried tomato pesto, they step it up a notch. Perfectly light and full of flavor, you have to try these for your next summer meal. You can even pop them on the grill for added flair!

A standard summer classic is barbecue food: Specifically, BBQ sandwiches. For a vegan take, try Tami NoyesPineapple Jack BBQ Sandwiches. An amazing combo of sweet and smoky, nothing will taste like summer quite like these. She even recommends freezing the sauce for easy cooking later.

You could also make one of the most classic sandwiches of all time: a BLT. Jessica DeMarra brings you an awesome Maple Sriracha Tempeh Bacon BLT With Creamy Dill Mayo, smoky and sweet like a BBQ sandwich but with an additional hit of spice balanced with the creamy mayo. This is your new classic.

4. Make your filling all about the veggies!

Pesto Veggie Sandwiches
Image source: Pesto Veggie Sandwiches

Veggies are so fresh and crisp in the summer, and they make the perfect addition to any meal that needs a little lightening up. Seasonal vegetables will be a great filler to your summer sandwich, like in this Pesto Veggie Sandwich from Gabrielle St. Claire! You can customize the veggies in it to your liking, using whatever is fresh, and then top them with a creamy avocado and basil pesto!

What could be better than using a star veggie to make a killer Cauliflower Sloppy Joe? Taylor Kiser shows us how with this recipe that features an awesome sauce to make a satisfying, lighter and summery version of this sandwich staple.

Gina Fontana shows us the Ultimate Veggie Sandwich that you can change up by putting it on bagel bread instead of regular bread! With plant-based cream cheese, sprouts, avocado, and plenty of veggies, you’ll be a happy camper with your summer sandwich.

Try any of these recipes for a great summer meal that is sure to brighten up your already sunny days! For more sandwiches make sure to visit our Sandwich Archives, and for more helpful tips and recipes, check out our Food Monster App. With over 10,000 recipes right in the palm of your hand, you’ll always have something delicious and new to try. It’s available for both Android andiPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. Full of allergy-friendly recipes, subscribers gain access to new recipes every day. Check it out!

<br>Lead Image Source: Smoked Tofu Sandwich