This sandwich is a must-make. Extra firm sprouted tofu is marinated in a simple mixture of vegetable broth, liquid smoke, soy sauce, and maple syrup. As you prep the pickled vegetables and shredded carrot, the tofu soaks in the smoky-sweet flavor of the marinade. The liquid is also used when pan frying the tofu, infusing more flavor into the tofu while it cooks.

Grilled Marinated Tofu Sandwich [Vegan]






For the Smoked Tofu:

  • 1 14-ounce extra firm sprouted tofu sliced in half, then each half sliced into 4 pieces
  • 1 teaspoon liquid smoke
  • 1/2 cup vegetable broth
  • 1 tablespoon soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon maple syrup
  • 1 teaspoon water

For the Sandwich:

  • 1/3 cup pickled vegetables or pickles, finely diced
  • 1/2 medium carrot, shredded
  • A handful of baby spinach
  • Vegan mayonnaise
  • Spicy mustard
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • 4 slices of rustic bread
  • Vegan butter


  1. In a shallow baking dish combine liquid smoke, vegetable broth, soy sauce, maple syrup, and water and mix to combine. Place tofu in baking dish soaking each side in the mixture - set aside.
  2.  While the tofu is marinating, prep the vegetables.
  3.  Heat a large frying pan over medium-high heat. Add coconut oil and allow to melt. Once the oil is melted place as many slices of tofu into the pan. You may or may not be able to fit all 8 slices at one time, it will depend on the size of your pan.
  4. Add half the liquid to the pan. Allow to cook for about 5 minutes, or until liquid is mostly evaporated and tofu is golden brown. Flip tofu and add the remaining liquid to the pan. Cook for another 3-5 minutes, then remove from heat.
  5.  Assemble the sandwiches by spreading butter on one side of each slice of bread. Spread mayonnaise and mustard on each unbuttered side. Layer carrots, pickles, tofu, and spinach on a slice of bread, and top with the other slice, buttered side up. Repeat with the other 2 slices, making a total of 2 sandwiches.
  6.  Using the same frying pan used to fry the tofu, place the 2 sandwiches in the pan. Heat pan over medium heat and cook each side until golden brown.
  7.  Remove from heat and serve.


The cooked tofu will last about a week in the fridge, making this the perfect make-ahead lunch for the upcoming week.

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Nutritional Information

Per Serving: Calories: 480 | Carbs: 59 g | Fat: 15 g | Protein: 28 g | Sodium: 1053 mg | Sugar: 7 g Calculation not including vegan mayonnaise or vegan butter. Note: The information shown is based on available ingredients and preparation. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional nutritionist’s advice.


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