February 23rd is National Banana Bread Day! Who doesn’t love banana bread? No one we know. Banana bread is bread but it’s also a dessert. You can have it as a treat but you can also have it for breakfast. See? Banana bread is a perfect food!

History tells us that banana bread was invented in the Caribbean. Bananas didn’t even appear in the U.S. until the late 1870s. Banana bread is a great use for overripe bananas. There are many variations of banana bread – the quick bread can be made with cream cheese frosting, marbled with rich chocolate, or made even more decadent with peanut butter. Some people like to put fruit and/or nuts in their banana bread while others are more purist.

However you like your banana bread, we have lots of recipes for you. Check out last years’ recipes in 15 Legendary Vegan Recipes for National Banana Bread Day. Then let’s look at new ways to enjoy the flavor of banana bread even if it’s not actually a bread. Here are 12 banana bread recipes you’ll definitely go bananas for.

1. Healthy Banana Bread

Healthy Vegan Banana Bread

Banana bread can be both healthy and delicious. This Healthy Banana Bread is naturally sweetened with date sugar. Applesauce makes it moist without added oil. Add some chopped walnuts for crunch and you have the perfect banana bread.

2. Yogurt Banana Bread

Yogurt Banana Bread [Vegan]

The secret ingredient in this Yogurt Banana Bread isn’t really a secret since it’s in the title. Non-dairy yogurt gives this bread a moist and fluffy texture. A slice of this bread with a cup of your favorite tea sounds like a delicious way to spend an afternoon.

3. Chocolate Banana Bread

Chocolate Banana Bread [Vegan]

While banana bread is delicious, you probably don’t think of it as being decadent. Well, that will change when you get a taste of this Chocolate Banana Bread. It has chocolate inside the bread as well as a rich dark chocolate ganache poured down over it. Like we said, this is pure decadence.

4. Superfood Banana Bread

Superfood Banana Bread [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

Banana bread is usually healthy … but this Superfood Banana Bread is super-healthy. It’s packed with oats, chia seeds, spirulina, chocolate chips, and other ingredients that are great for you. Then it’s topped with  a mix of dried cranberries, pepitas, and sunflower seeds for a banana bread with lots of textures and flavors.

5. Maple Banana Bread with Cream Cheese Frosting

Maple Banana Bread With 'Cream Cheese' Frosting [Vegan, Gluten-Free]

This is Maple Banana Bread with Vegan ‘Cream Cheese’ Frosting – how many delicious words can there be in one title? Moist, yummy banana bread with maple syrup inside and drizzled on top. It has a thick, fluffy cream cheese frosting on top plus pecans for garnish. Vegan, gluten-free and so delicious.

6. Banana Bread Pudding

Banana Bread Pudding [Vegan]

This Banana Bread Pudding is the creamiest, sweetest, and yummiest way to use up leftover bread. The combination of bananas and peanut butter is classically delicious plus there’s maple syrup and cardamom for something special. Use gluten-free bread to make the dish gluten-free.

7. Double Chocolate Banana Bread

Double Chocolate Banana Bread [Vegan]

The only thing that can make banana bread better is this Double Chocolate Banana Bread. Rich cocoa powder and luscious dark chocolate elevates the everyday banana bread to a truly decadent treat. Serve with a hot cup of coffee or your favorite tea – and to make this an even more special treat, add a scoop of vegan whipped cream or ice cream!

8. Banana Bread Cookies With Coconut Cream and Chocolate Sauce

Banana Bread Cookies With Coconut Cream and Chocolate Sauce [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

Have banana bread and have cookies at the same time! These Banana Bread Cookies with Coconut Cream and Chocolate Sauce let you have the best of both worlds in one delicious treat. These cookies seriously taste like banana bread. Then they’re topped with luscious coconut cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce. These are so amazing, you’ll need to double the recipe just to make sure you get one.

9. Banana Bread French Toast Cupcakes


These Banana Bread French Toast Cupcakes are an award-winning recipe. They’re moist cupcakes that combine cinnamon, maple, and banana plus they have a rich maple frosting on top. Enjoy one of these for breakfast – after all, they have French Toast in the name.

10. Vegan Banana and Blueberry Brunch Bread/Cake


If you need a totally awesome, fail-safe, fool-proof, painfully easy recipe for vegan banana bread, this Vegan Banana and Blueberry Brunch Bread/Cake is the one for you. The combination of bananas and blueberries is incredible. If you’re having brunch, you’ll want to serve this delicious banana bread.

11. Banana Bread Energy Bar

Banana Bread Energy Bar [Vegan, Raw]

Did you know that banana bread can boost your energy? They can when they’re in energy bars. These raw vegan Banana Bread Energy Bars taste like heaven and give you all the fuel you need to get through the day. Made with dates, almonds, popped buckwheat, and of course, bananas, these are a delicious way to rev up.

12. Banana Bread Smoothie with Pecans, Nutmeg and Carob Syrup

Banana Bread Smoothie With Pecans, Nutmeg and Carob Syrup [Vegan, Raw, Gluten-Free]

Get ready to drink your banana bread. This Banana Bread Smoothie is made with warm pecan milk and frozen bananas. The warm milk makes the bananas taste baked – like banana bread! This seriously tastes like banana bread batter but in a healthy, satisfying smoothie.

Whether it’s a bread, a cupcake, a cookie or a pudding, the flavors of banana bread make everyone happy. Try these recipes to celebrate National Banana Bread Day.

Lead image source: Banana Bread Cookies With Coconut Cream and Chocolate Sauce