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Have you ever cut yourself while trying to make avocado toast? You’re not alone – according to SFGate, the phenomenon of “avocado hand” is on the rise.

A growing number of incidents have been reported with people requiring medical attention after accidentally cutting their hand from incorrectly slicing an avocado.

It’s important to know how to cut the fruits and veggies you’re working with, particularly when using a large or sharp knife. With that in mind, here are some tips on how to cut a few tricky pieces of produce safely, with videos to help!

1. Avocado

To safely cut an avocado and avoid having to go to the hospital for avocado hand, try this method from WikiHow. First, test the avocado to see how ripe it is by squeezing it gently. Then carefully cut the fruit in half lengthwise with a large knife. Next, twist the two halves until they separate cleanly.

To remove the pit, some people like to use a knife by hitting the pit with the sharp edge and then twisting the pit out, but it may be easier to use a spoon to simply scoop the pit out. From there, you can scoop out the edible part of the avocado with a spoon or even cube it while it’s still inside the skin.

Use your freshly cut avocado in this 3-Ingredient Coconut Avocado Mousse or these Sautéed Avocados!

2. Mango

Some people are intimidated by slicing a mango, but it’s actually very easy once you get the hang of it! Some people like to peel off the skin first, but there’s actually a simple “hedgehog” method to get perfectly cubed mango to add to smoothies, oatmeal, or anything else.

First, cut off slices on four sides of your mango around the core. Next, cut a grid pattern into the mango while it’s still in the skin. Then, flip the skin inside out so that the adorable “hedgehog” of mango cubes sticks out, and simply cut off the cubes. Simple!

Use your cubed mango in this Mango Rice Bowl and this Cuban Black Bean Mango Bowl.

3. Jackfruit

Jackfruits are huge, so they can seem a bit overwhelming to cut on your own. They’re also pretty heavy and difficult to open. But buying precut jackfruit at the store can be expensive, so let’s try chopping our own using this guide from YouTuber Dany Kao.

Make sure your jackfruit is ripe before you cut it – you’ll know it’s ripe when it has a yellowish color and a pleasant smell, according to Instructables. When you’re ready to cut your jackfruit, line a large table with newspaper. You’ll also want gloves. Next, coat a sharp knife with some oil so that the waxy residue from the jackfruit won’t stick to the knife.

Now you’ll want to use your oil-coated knife to cut all the way around the jackfruit before pulling the two halves apart – this will take some force. Once you’ve managed to get the two halves separated, slice them down the middle to make fourths. Once they’ve been cut into fourths, it will be much easier to cut out the inedible core of the jackfruit. You can also toss the seeds. The bright orange flesh beneath the core is the part of the fruit that you’ll want to carve out with your knife and eat.

Phew! It’s quite a bit of work, but it can be satisfying to cut your own jackfruit. Use it in this Slow Cooker Pulled Jackfruit Jambalaya and these tasty Mexican Pulled Jackfruit Tacos!

4. Onion

Onions are super common in the kitchen, but many people find it tricky to chop them correctly. Here’s a way you can do it simply and safely, with some tips from chef Gordon Ramsey.

First, you should cut the onion in half. Next, holding it down on the flat side, cut the onion into long slices as close as possible to the root. Then, cut two more slices into it from the side at the top and at the middle. Next comes the satisfying part: holding the onion down on the flat side, chop it parallel with the slices you cut before. The finely chopped onion pieces should fall right onto your cutting board. Voila!

Use your finely chopped onion in this Caramelized Onion Tart and this Swiss Chard With Onions, Currants, and Pine Nuts!

5. Coconut

Have you ever opened your own coconut? Here’s how you can get all the coconut water and meat out with just a few simple steps, thanks to a guide from Brad’s Greenhouse and Gardening.

First, let’s get the water out. You’ll need a clean screwdriver and a hammer. Place your screwdriver at the eye of the coconut and use the hammer to pierce it, somewhat like hammering a nail. You can do this with the other eyes as well. Then drain the coconut water through the pierced eye into a large bowl. It may take a little time to drain.

Next to get the coconut meat! Holding the coconut in your hand, smack it with the hammer while turning around so that you cover the entire perimeter of the coconut. After a few times doing this, you’ll notice a crack starting to form in the middle of the coconut. Eventually, the coconut should break open, allowing you to scoop out the meat inside.

Use the coconut water in this Cinnamon Coconut Yogurt. And then use your coconut meat in this Young Coconut Meat Ceviche!

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