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Have you ever made plans for dinner with friends, only to show up to the restaurant and find the only things for you to eat are french fries and a limp side salad? Lucky for us vegans, several restaurants are going completely plant-based. Here are eight restaurants that started serving meat, dairy, and eggs, then went entirely vegan!

1. Eleven Madison Park 

Considered one of the most iconic fine dining experiences in the world, Eleven Madison Park has gone completely vegan except for dairy milk and bee honey available for tea. The chef-owner Daniel Humm acknowledged the importance of going plant-based. “This past year, the world has changed, and so have we, the current food system is simply not sustainable, in so many ways.” Their new vegan menu features dishes like seed caviar, a cucumber melon dish, a pea and miso puree, and beats that have undergone a 3-day transformation. 

2. Soul Burger 


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Located in Sydney, Australia, Soul Burger first started turning its restaurants vegan in 2015. This transformation has brought much success to the burger shop as sales have gone up 347 percent and food costs have declined by 3 percent. The owner, Amit Tewari, says, “We want to reduce the costs of vegan food and make it more accessible to the broader population.”

3. Breads on Oak 


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This New Orleans brunch spot is known for fun, colorful food that ceases to disappoint. The owners had always planned to eventually go fully vegan. They wanted to encourage their customers to eat healthily and in a way that respects the planet and all its animals. Breads on Oak offers foods like cheesy biscuits, buttery quiches, and plants of sandwiches. All the food is full of life and is sure to bring a smile to everyone’s face during brunch! 

4. Secret Creek Cafe & Restaurant


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Located in New South Wales, Australia, Secret Creek Cafe & Restaurant isn’t your everyday restaurant. They specialize in vegan weddings and events, which makes sense, considering how special their food is. Secret Creek went vegan in 2016 and has seen sales increase by 153 percent and food costs go down by 58 percent. They have several menus available, depending on your tastes. Dishes include Kentucky fried cauliflower, seitan steak, and fully vegan charcuterie boards. 

5. El Palote Panaderia

This Mexican restaurant went fully vegan in 2016 after one of the owners, Aurelio Arias, suffered a heart attack. He began eating plant-based for his health and felt inspired to share the delicious vegan food he was enjoying with his customers. The success of this change has been huge. Sales have increased by 371 percent and food costs have gone down by 3 percent. El Palote Panaderia offers delicious tacos with a variety of mock meat fillings including carnitas and brisket. They also have other veganized Mexican dishes and several Mexican baked goods available. 

6. Pow Pow


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Located in Washington, DC, Pow Pow is a casual Asian eatery that went completely vegan after just a few weeks of testing out a plant-based menu with their customers. Their flavorful mock meats are particularly good, like their sweet-and-sour seitan pork. Shuan Sharkey, the co-founder of Pow Pow, told Eater, “Support has been so great that we couldn’t imagine going back. Pow Pow is going to keep our entire menu plant-based going forward.”

7. Cruzer Pizza

Cruzer Pizza is serving scrumptious pizzas in Los Angeles. While they started off selling traditional pizzas made with dairy cheese and animal meats, Cruzer Pizza slowly transitioned to fully vegan alternatives. However, pizza isn’t the only thing on their menu. They also sell cheesy breadsticks, tiramisu, pasta, subs, and “chicken” drumsticks. 

8. The Fields Beneath 

Located in London, The Fields Beneath turned vegan in 2017 and was met with success. This eatery offers an array of baked goods along with sandwiches, salads, bowls, and other savory dishes. After switching to plant-based, the restaurant’s gross profit has steadily been 68 percent.

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