Everyone craves junk food every once and a while. Instead of trying to fight your cravings find a healthier alternative to them! These plant-based recipes from the Food Monster App are just as satisfying as classic junk food but without all the guilt!

1. Carrot Burger Carrot Burger 2

Source: Carrot Burger


Weronika Banka‘s Carrot Burger is juicy and delicious! Made with dry peas, onion, carrots, olive oil, sunflower seeds, buckwheat flour, and millet, this burger can be whipped up quickly and easily.

2. Raw and Crispy Jicama Fries Raw Vegan Jicama Fries with spices

Source: Raw and Crispy Jicama Fries

These Raw and Crispy Jicama Fries by Amanda Froelich are super low in calories and fat! These crunchy and savory “fries” are not fried at all! In fact, these raw fries are so crisp and seasonal.

3. Slow-Cooker Sloppy Joes Slow-Cooker Sloppy Joes

Source: Slow-Cooker Sloppy Joes


Jennifer Harmon‘s Slow-Cooker Sloppy Joes are actually packed with healthy protein! The mixture, which is composed primarily of tomato paste, garlic, Medjool dates, and onion, simply needs to be blended before left in the slow-cooker.

4. High Protein Chickpea-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes With Garlic Tahini SauceChickpea-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes 2

Source: High Protein Chickpea-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes With Garlic Tahini Sauce


Opt for the healthier version of a loaded potato. Alexandra Caspero‘s High Protein Chickpea-Stuffed Sweet Potatoes With Garlic Tahini Sauce is a must-try! All of the cooking is done in the oven. So just pop it in, live your life, and come back in 15 minutes for a delicious meal.

5. Thank You Very Matcha Ice Cream

Source: Thank You Very Matcha Ice Cream


So here’s a theory: if matcha is healthy, and matcha’s in your ice cream … then that means that ice cream is good for you?! This Thank You Very Matcha Ice Cream by The Edgy Veg is created with cashews and coconut milk- great sources of healthy fats and protein!

6. Melt In Your Mouth Peanut Butter Morsels Peanut Butter Morsels

Source: Melt In Your Mouth Peanut Butter Morsels

Skip store-bought candy and eat something with simpler ingredients like these Melt In Your Mouth Peanut Butter Morsels by Amanda Nicole Smith. They’re made from wholesome ingredients like coconut flour, coconut oil, dates, and obviously peanut butter.

7. Penne in Creamy Carrot Sauce Penne in Carrot Sauce

Source: Penne in Creamy Carrot Sauce

Love mac and cheese? Meet its older, more mature friend, this Penne in Creamy Carrot Sauce by Gunjan Dudani. Plus, with only seven ingredients required to make this entire dish, it will become an easy dinner favorite.

8. Buffalo Cauliflower Wings With Cashew Ranch 

Source: Buffalo Cauliflower Wings With Cashew Ranch


These Buffalo Cauliflower Wings With Cashew Ranch by Brittany Mullins are crispy but without all the breading! They’re absolutely delicious and easy to whip up. Vegan and gluten-free.

9. Crispy Baked Zucchini Chips Vegan Gluten-Free Crispy Baked Zucchini Chips

Source: Crispy Baked Zucchini Chips

Melanie Sorrentino‘s Crispy Baked Zucchini Chips are crispy and delicious!  Plus, they are baked and not fried and use minimal amounts of oil, making them far healthier than the real deal.

10. Healthy Chocolate Avocado Fudge 

Source: Healthy Chocolate Avocado Fudge

Kibby Miller‘s Healthy Chocolate Avocado Fudge is a must-try! Yes, a healthy moderation of dark chocolate is good for you.

11. 10 Baked, Low-Sodium, Potato Chips!homemade organic baked chips

Source: 10 Baked, Low-Sodium, Potato Chips

These 10 Baked, Low-Sodium, Potato Chips are great! While chips are not known to be the healthiest snack foods, these guilty pleasures still deserve their own list. What’s better than having the ability to happily munch away on crunchy chips knowing that no dairy or other animal products are to be found? potato chips are the perfect on-the-go grub for when you’re traveling, in a pinch,  or just fancy a bit of a treat.

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