M&S has officially released its biggest Christmas plant-based range yet as a part of its Plant Kitchen line.

This is a line beloved by many vegans for its many delicious options that look and taste like the real thing. Some of its biggest show stoppers are its meat alternatives like turkey and duck for all kinds of occasions.

M&S regularly offers a special Christmas version of its Plant Kitchen range. But this year promises to be their biggest holiday release yet.

Its most popular holiday option is the Vegan Beef Wellington made to look and taste like a traditional wellington. But it has many other options such as its Vegan Turkey Rolled Roast, Almond and Pecan Nut Roast, and Beetroot Bourguignon Pie.

It also offers the option of purchasing a vegan selection box that contains a variety of vegan sides. Perfect for creating a tasty vegan spread for Christmas dinner without all of the extra work.

It also offers two dessert options to end your Christmas bash with. Including their traditional mince pies or its new veganized version of its traditional chocolate pudding.

These kinds of vegan-friendly holiday ranges are wonderful for vegans this time of the year. Giving you the option of having a fancy Christmas spread without the animal suffering. Any of these dishes would impress your guests and convince them of just how delicious vegan food can really be.

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