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Three men have died in 24 hours from wounds sustained during bull-running festivals in eastern Spain. The three men all took part in Valencia’s bous al carrer (bull-running), where bulls run through tiny streets with people running ahead of them. Animal rights groups have been trying to ban this event for years and have held protests before this dangerous tradition.

Source: Global News/Youtube

BBC reported that 20 people have died in the region in the past eight years. The three men who died were badly injured during the events in the last two weeks. One of the men, a 56-year-old, was standing behind a block in the middle of the street and was tossed in the air by a bull. The man suffered traumatic brain injuries and died nine days later in a hospital. Another man who was 50 years old died in the hospital after his lung was pierced by a bull. The last man was a 64-year-old French visitor who died from wounds he suffered during the event.

The mayor of Meliana in Valencia said that that is the chance that people take when participating in these events. The most famous bull-running event in Spain is held in Pamplona and is called Sam Fermin. This year, the first year it has been back since before COVID-19, 35 people were injured.

Animal groups have repeatedly called for the government to ban these bull festivals as they are endangering the lives of the locals and causing abuse to the animals.

The animals who are forced to run are not willing participants. They, too, can suffer serious injuries, but these concerns seem to be disregarded since the event is all about “fun” and “adrenaline.”

Cows are exploited in every way all around the world, from being mass produced for the meat and dairy and leather industries to being used in barbaric rituals that involve them running with lit torches on their heads or being brutally stabbed and ultimately murdered in an arena for the “entertainment” of fans of bullfighting, our beloved bovines are treated like mere objects rather than the sensitive, emotional, sentient beings they are.

Sign this petition to call for Spain to stop the mistreatment of bulls for “entertainment”.

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