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Cows and bulls are exploited by humans in horrendous ways. Whether it be in the meat and dairy industries, the leather and skins industry, or in bullfighting and rodeo rings, these gentle giants are treated as mere commodities rather than living, breathing creatures who feel pain and fear.

A recent incident that involved the horrific abuse of a bull occurred in the small town of Foios, Spain, just outside of Valencia. After being forced to participate in a “running of the bulls” event earlier that day, a bull was tied to a post and placed in an arena in front of a roaring crowd as flaming torches were tied to his horns. Naturally, the bull became alarmed, fearful, and confused, and he instinctively reacted by attempting to run away. In the nightmarish frenzy, the poor animal ran head-first into the pole he was tied to, and he died instantly. You can view footage of the incident here, but we warn you, the video may be graphic for some viewers.

A petition addressed to the Spanish Government has been made demanding an end to this cruel practice that exploits bulls for entertainment and harms them in brutal ways. If you agree that this type of event must be banned, please take a moment to sign the petition.

Cows and bulls are gentle giants who are herbivores and are in no way a natural threat or predator to humans, and treating them as such is nothing short of barbaric and cruel. Many people are unaware of the brutality behind the use of bulls in “entertainment”, so please share this with your network to help gain further Support for the cause.

Lead Image Source: Benjamin Herzog/