Guardians of the Voiceless is a non-profit organization dedicated to taking care of those who do not have a voice in society, namely, children and animals. By educating children on the value of animals and how to care for them, they hope to form a solid foundation for the future generation of animal rights advocacy.

When we hear about homeless animals, we typically think of a colony of feral cats or a hungry stray dog, but homeless animals exist in all shapes and sizes. When a cow, calf, or bull is not considered profitable by the dairy industry, they are abandoned on the streets in parts of India. These gentle giants are often targeted by wild animals and fall victim to injuries and ailments typical of street life. Guardians of the Voiceless does all they can to send these animals to sanctuaries, but the cows and bulls are harder to place than baby calves, so the rescuers do what they can to provide medical care to them on the streets.

Guardians of the Voiceless relies entirely on volunteers and donations to fulfill their mission. If you are able, please consider making a donation to them. Also, please share this story with your network to educate people on the plight of homeless animals and the devastating domino effects of the meat and dairy industries.