When people find out that you eat a plant-based diet, many reactions usually arise. Lots of people are genuinely interested, ask some questions and then go about their merry way. There are others, however, that launch into a strange song and dance number from the smash Broadway musical, “You’re Crazy, Meat is Delicious! Bacon!!”…it’s a romantic comedy.

Everybody’s individual diet choices aside, there is compelling scientific evidence for why a plant-based diet is better for our health, better for the environment and, beyond obviously, better for animals. Yet, people still cling to misinformation like a one of the few available life vests on the Titanic, watching the ship go down around them but insisting that everything is alright because they aren’t drowning. Yet.

From claims of getting sick less often, superior protein sources and that if we didn’t eat animals they would take over the world (this is a thing. People say this), there are some pretty laughable reasons for the continued inclusion of animals products in human diets and its hard not to get really annoyed when you hear them over and over. Especially when you know the truth. Fortunatley, this cat has no qualms about putting these claims right in their place and doesn’t care how irritated he appears in the process. He’s a straight shooter, and right now he’s gunning for pure inanity.


1. “I need iron, man. A steak keeps me healthy.”

2. “Vitamin B12 only comes from animals. You vegans could die!”

3. “If we didn’t eat meat, animal populations would explode.”

4. “I considered giving up meat, but I caught a cold just thinking about it. You guys are all sickly, right?”

5. “Sorry, I need protein.”


7. “I buy grass-fed meat, It’s just as ethical as not eating it at all.”

8. “I’m a carnivore dude, why else would I have canine teeth?” 

9. “There’s no way I could get all the nutrition I need for sports without meat. It’s all about the gainssss.”

10. “I just like how it tastes way too much.”

 Image Credit: Imgur