Get ready to see the most adorable photos of the day, Green Monsters! These animals have been rescued by International Animal Rescue (IAR), most likely because their rainforest homes have been destroyed by devastating and unsustainable palm oil industry.

Palm oil can be found in about 50 percent of consumer goods, and because of our high demand, a forested area the size of five football fields is cleared every minute on the island of Sumatra to make way for a new palm oil plantation. Deforestation for palm oil has destroyed 90 percent of the habitat that Borneo and Sumatra’s endangered animal species rely on for survival. Tragically, the orangutan species is predicted to go extinct within the next two decades due to this destruction, and the Sumatran tiger and elephants are set to follow close behind.


Thankfully, organizations like IAR are making sure these animals do not meet the fate of so many of their friends. Right now, people around the world (including you!) have the opportunity to virtually adopt one of these amazing animals. Their lives depend on it!

Here’s Gunung. Look at that face! Do you see those EYELASHES?! And that grin! Gunung was taken to the orangutan rescue center in Borneo five years ago. When he arrived, he was extremely skinny, barely surviving since being separated from his mother.

This is Budi the cutie! When he was rescued, he was extremely ill after living in a chicken cage and being fed only condensed milk. Unfortunately, orangutans are often captured and kept as exotic pets. Thank goodness he was saved!

Take a look at Nishant! This sloth bear arrived at IAR with poor vision, infected gums, and wounds all over. Now he’s looking great! 


Take a moment to gaze into the eyes of our dear pal Maurice the slow loris. He’s been at the rehabilitation center since 2013 and is a real looker!

These aren’t the only animals in need. If you’d like to learn about other animals and their rescue stories – and most importantly, how you can help them, visit their website and consider making a donation!

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All Image Source: International Animal Rescue/Facebook