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Minimalism used to be a lifestyle choice. But now, it is a fundamental part of our war against climate change. With their catchy slogan, “Less Stuff, More Joy,” JUMP invites us to evaluate our personal choices and tweak them in favor of a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.

The recently published The Future of Urban Consumption in a 1.5oC World, to which several of JUMP’s founders have contributed, serves as a foundation for the organization’s mission. The report offers an analysis of “where and how global emissions must reduce,” culminating in six shifts individuals who live in wealthy countries can implement.

The six steps proposed by JUMP are:

JUMP’s main goal is to show us that individual actions can lead to great change. What we eat and wear, how we choose to travel, and how we treat our electronics carry immense power. “Government and business do have most responsibility, but science shows that in wealthy countries everyone needs to make these 6 Shifts within 10 years,” the organization clarifies.

Of course, not everyone has the luxury to purchase sustainable brands or ditch their car. “Choosing the changes you make will heavily depend on your own personal situation,” JUMP reminds us. “For example, if you do not own your own home, you cannot make improvements on energy efficiency, or you may not have a pension scheme.”

This is why JUMP’s final shift invites us to explore ways that we can join forces by “helping to influence the wider system.” This can include “changing to a green energy supplier, changing your pension to a green investor, or using ethical and green banks.”

Each shift is comprised of a list of practical tips to get started, but this isn’t even the most useful part. More than just a platform filled to the brim with information and data, JUMP is a community of fellow jumpers who you can connect with for tips and advice. “Our plan is a vibrant movement of normal people experimenting with living fully while in balance with nature.” And putting some awareness behind our actions with the support of a like-minded community may just be what we need to restore that balance. Sign this petition to take action on global warming!

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