There are so many resources available to help you live more sustainably and be a more conscious consumer. Youtube and social media are great ways to learn about reducing your waste because there’s content from so many different perspectives and backgrounds. You’re bound to find something that works for you.

These sustainability influencers can help people at all different places in their lives and sustainability journeys. No matter what you’re into – cooking, fashion, make-up, etc. – there is someone out there who can help you make that interest or hobby better for the planet and the people living on it. Check out these 10 sustainability Youtubers to get some helpful tips and learn more about the zero or low waste movement!

1. Hey Ashley Renne

Source: Hey Ashley Renne/Youtube

Hey Ashley Renne is a sustainable and vegan lifestyle channel that focuses on helping people live healthier, more eco-friendly lives. Ashley started as a travel influencer, but in 2019, she decided to start living more sustainably and reduce her carbon footprint. Thus, she rebranded and now focuses on eco-travel, veganism, sustainability, and smart tech. Ashley also prioritizes discussions about intersectional environmentalism. In addition to this eco-gardening video, she has content on sustainable quarantine hacks, plant-based bacon, and sustainable nail care! Keep up with her on Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and blog!

2. Eco Goddess

Source: Eco Goddess/Youtube

Marina Qutab is the creator behind Eco Goddess, a lifestyle channel dedicated to sustainability, veganism, and wellness. Marina started her activist journey after visiting Pakistan, her father’s home country, and noticing pollution, poverty, and other social issues. When she returned home, she started journaling about ways that she could help the world and has continued to do so through her online platforms today. She posts videos about the basics of zero waste, like her zero waste kitchen and easy ways to reduce waste, as well as more niche, fun topics, like zero-waste Halloween tips and trying to have zero-waste shopping trip at Costco! Keep up with her on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and her blog!

3. Sedona Christina

Source: Sedona Christina/Youtube

Sedona Christina is a lifestyle YouTuber focused on vegan wellness, slow fashion, and being imperfectly zero waste. She has a series about greenwashing and “sustainable swaps” that aren’t actually that sustainable as well as a series where she tries out zero waste beauty products! You can also find videos about thrifting and vegan recipes! Keep up with her on Youtube and Instagram! Also, check out her podcast!

4. inspiroue

Source: inspiroue/Youtube

Cynthia Dam’s Youtube channel, inspiroue, is full of content about ethical and sustainable fashion. She consistently brings up the important topic of not only buying clothes and products that are better for the planet, but also for the people that make those clothes. Cynthia advocates for conscious consumerism and recognizing the intersectionality of environmental and social justice. She has a multitude of style videos that can help you ethically dress to impress as well as some talking videos about fast fashion and figuring out if a brand is sustainable. Keep up with her on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, and her website!

5. Sustainably Vegan

Source: Sustainably Vegan/Youtube

Immy Lucas uses her Youtube channel, Sustainably Vegan, to advocate for a low-impact, ethical, plant-based lifestyle. She creates content across a wide range of topics; some examples include sustainable holiday giftssustainable and minimal fashion100 healthy habits to try, and sustainable sex essentials. Immy is also focused on intersectionality and inclusivity in her own sustianability. Keep up with her on Youtube, Instagram, and her website!

6. Aime Maggie

Source: Aime Maggie/Youtube

On her Youtube channel, Aime Maggie helps people learn about sustainable living that does not cost a lot of time or money. In addition to sustainability tips, Aime posts commentary on environmental racism, greenwashing, and other sustainability content. Keep up with her on Youtube, Instagram, and Twitter!

7. Gittemary Johansen

Source:Gittemary Johansen/Youtube

Gittemary started her eco-conscious lifestyle journey in 2015 and now creates content about low-impact, eco-consious living on her channel, Gittemary Johansen. You can find videos about so many topics on there related to more sustainable living. Her videos include a video about dumpster diving,  vegan recipes, ethical fashion, environmental books, and even How to respond to anti-vegan arguments. Gittemary’s channel also features information content about topics such as ecofacism, greenwashing, and the environmental impact of various materials. Keep up with her on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and her website!


Source: JHÁNNEU/Youtube

Jhánneu is a sustainability lifestyle influencer that focuses on low-waste living. She is also the founder of Low Waste Beauty, a platform that seeks to make sustainability inclusive, as well was help people live more intentional and sustainable lifestyles. On her Youtube channel, JHÁNNEU, Jhánneu posts videos about sustainable and minimalist skincare, clothing, and beauty. Jhánneu also has many videos that discuss the importance of an intersectional and inclusive approach to sustainability. Keep up with her on Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and her website!

9. Tatyana Sapp

Source: Tatyana Sapp/Youtube

Tatyana Sapp creates videos about self-care and sustainable living. She also has an Instagram dedicated to highlighting BIPOC creators. She welcomes her viewers along her minimal-waste, sustainability journey in order to inspire and help others live in a more eco-friendly way. Check out her channel to get tips on 5 Free Ways To Live More Sustainable, eco-minimalist caring for curly hair, and products that she finds helpful for living sustainably. Keep up with her on Youtube and Instagram!

10. Shelbizzle

Source: Shelbizzle/Youtube

Shelbizzle is a channel dedicated to eco-friendly living that is accessible to everyone. Shelbi became interested in sustainability in high school after attending a natural environment-focused camp. She now has a degree in environmental science and makes videos to help people live more conscious, eco-friendly lives. She also brings awareness to how wasteful our society is and advocates for eco minimalism. She has tips on how to make almost every aspect of one’s life more sustainable, from school, to cooking, to self-care. Shelbi also has an “anti-haul” series where she talks about wasteful things that are popular right now and why people shouldn’t buy them. Keep up with her on Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tiktok, and her website!

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