Exfoliating is the key soft skin. We want to remove the little particles of dead skin because those they are an impediment to a healthy glow. The answer regarding how to deal with them is simple: face scrubs!

Almost as easy as applying a face scrub is making your very own right at home from ingredients that are more than likely lying around the house in wait anyhow. Why go the way of unsavory chemicals and big-name products when you can take this task and the fate of those rosy little checks into your own hands.

A homespun face scrub—and there are several to choose from—will cost less, and it’ll imbue you with a sense of empowerment, another reason—besides that healthy facial façade—to radiate both confidence and achievement. Well, let’s pave the way with these DIY homemade face scrubs.

1. Oatmeal & ACV

Oatmeal is a classic skin-care ingredient, one that shows up on the labeling of slew of store-bought exfoliators, so why not skip the manufacturers and go straight to the breakfast cereal. Start with a half cup of oats, blend them into powder and mixed them with water to form a paste. This can be enhanced with a few drops of apple cider vinegar to help brighten up your skin while keeping acne and redness at bay.

coffee and oil

Source: robad0b/Creative Commons

2. Coffee & Oil

Though this combination may seem unlikely, it has been popping up of late, both as bulletproof coffee and now DIY face scrub. Spent coffee grounds are surprisingly useful aside from that morning pick-me-up, and one of their secondary uses can be exfoliating your skin. Combine one part spent coffee grounds with an equal part oil, perhaps jojoba or olive oil, though coconut will work well, and rub your face with it.

3. Rice & Sugar

They don’t just get together for rice pudding anymore! Rice and sugar make a great face scrub, one that can be kept in powder form and transformed into paste right in the shower or at the bathroom sink. Voila! Grind up a ¼ cup of rice in a food processor then, once it’s in teeny tiny particles, add about the same amount of sugar. When it’s time to scrub, just put the combo in your palm and make it a paste with some water.

4. Baking Soda & Essential Oil

For anyone who thought baking soda was just for baking, that’s just wrong. Baking soda is a wondrous thing with the ability to clean the house, clean your body, and hide in the back of the fridge, forgotten for years. To make face scrub with it, try combining a couple of spoonfuls with some water to form a paste. Then, for good measure and to combat oiliness and acne, sprinkle that with a few drops each of lavender oil and tea tree oil.

5. Rosewater & Almond Flour

Why settle with one option that feels like smearing your face with desert when there are so many out there to try? Keeps those checks rosy and spry with rosewater and almond flour. Mix two parts rosewater, maybe a teaspoon or two, with one-part almond flour. Rosewater has lots of beautifying powers, such as anti-inflammatory qualities to help with splotchy redness, antibacterial properties to help skin heal, and antioxidants to help the skin revive.

sea salt

Source: stockcatalog/Creative Commons

6. Sea Salt & Citrus

Fine sea salt can be an effective exfoliant (or Epsom salt works, too), and scents of citrus provide a perky zip that works great in the mornings. This starts with making a basic salt scrub which puts two parts salt together with one part of whatever oil tickles your fancy. Some exotic possibilities include grapeseed, sweet almond, and jojoba. To up the ante a little, either drop in a few trickles of citrus-y essential oil or add some actual zests of citrus fruits. Or, try this recipe for lavender Pink Himalayan Salt Scrub if that sounds like more fun.

Well, isn’t this just all the makings of slumber party makeover type hilarity. Making your own face scrubs just completely changes the notion of raiding the kitchen. Plus, there are all kinds of scents and sensations to choose from, so the inventiveness has only just begun.

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