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Avocados are one of every Green Monster’s favorite foods. They’re full of healthy fats that do everything from keep your heart and brain healthy, to reduce inflammation and stress, and guess what? They even help slow down your skin from aging and have been said to be “the new apple” for their amazing benefits. But, there’s nothing worse than going to make a delicious avocado salad or going to make a dairy-free dessert with avocados, and realizing you’re out of avocados. While you could head to the store, wouldn’t it be easier (and obviously more fun and less expensive) if you could just use one that you’ve grown at home?

Well, Green Monsters, now you can.    AVOSEEDO


Daniel Kalliontzis loves avocados so much that he thought everyone should be able to grow their own avocados at home a little easier than having to wait too long before the seeds germinate (which can take months!). So, he created the AvoSeedo, which is basically the ultimate “grow your own avocado” kit for all of us who want to enjoy our ‘cados with style and ease!

What do you need? An avocado pit, of course! AvoSeedo is a product that allows you to use the pit from an avocado you have now (so be sure not to throw those away!), and simply use that to start your new avocado plant with.

Here’s how it works:


You take your avocado pit and peel off the dark brown thin layer of the pit (much like you would peel an apple), and place that inside The AvoSeedo, which is a small flat product that holds the pit. Then, you put The AvoSeedo in a bowl of water and in just a few weeks, it will grow an avocado tree and start to sprout a new fruit!



But here’s the kicker: You can’t go out to your local store and buy the AvoSeedo. It’s actually not sold anywhere yet since it’s still looking for funding via Kickstarter.

To get your own AvoSeedo and fund this awesome campaign, click here. To learn more about the AvoSeedo, visit their website and check out this how to video below:


So, we’re guessing you’re probably craving some avocados now, check out these awesome recipes and enjoy!

Lead Image Source: AvoSeedo