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A new study has just confirmed what each of us already knew. Avocados are the bomb and eating them will give us all superpowers.

Okay, so maybe they won’t give us superpowers, but what they can do is potentially lower HDL cholesterol while improving our overall cholesterol and triglyceride profile. That sounds pretty spectacular to us! The study, funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Hass Avocado board, found that overweight or obese but otherwise healthy individuals who ate an avocado a day in conjunction with a cholesterol lowering meal plan saw a greater improvement to their numbers than people in the groups on meal plans alone.

The effect seems to come down to the monounsaturated fat content of the fruit (yes, it’s a fruit) as well as high in fiber, phytosterol and polyphenol content, all of which have been shown to lower cholesterol. While those behind the study were quick to point out that while they only looked at avocados in this case, many fruits and vegetables have the nutrient make-up necessary to lower cholesterol and thusly help reduce heart disease risk.

Our love for this dietary rock star is starting to reach epic proportions. After everything it has done for us, here are just a few ways that we can honor the magnificent, marvelous and monounsaturated avocado.

Set aside an entire season in its honor (the fact that it coincides with its growing season is just a bonus.)

In Erikas Kitchen

We could draw it like one of our french girls


If peanut butter and jelly can have a dance, the avocado most certainly deserves one



Get a tattoo to show your undying fealty

Nachos NY

Because “apple bottom” jeans are so last growing season


 Make a mascot for team avocado…even if it turns out to be utterly terrifying

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Lead Image Credit: Henry Herz