Fabien Barrau is a French photographer and digital artist who uses his art to call attention to the devastating effects of climate change. Barrau uses his drone and Photoshop skills to make images of what famous architectural landmarks will look like after the looming climate crisis.

Source: The Neutronium Alchemist/Youtube

His series “News From The Future” features photos of the Eiffel Tower and The Colosseum in a desert, The Statue of Liberty halfway covered in water, and the Arc De Triomphe completely submerged under the ocean with whales casually swimming past.

He believes that the world needs to see images like this to see for their own eyes how much climate change will destroy the planet we know.

“I remain convinced that a simple image can have more impact on people, especially the youngest, to understand the probabilities of the consequences of inaction,” Barrau told VICE.

Earlier this year, the IPCC released the most comprehensive look at climate change and warned about the severe impacts that are already happening and how much worse they could get. To put these consequences into perspective and show what our future could look like, Barrau uses his drone footage and stock images to create this dystopia.

“This series is a personal work of anticipation of the consequences of climate change,” he said. “It is not a scientific work but an artistic work where I am inspired by the probabilities of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) data.”

Barrau also uses his images to draw attention to the animals lost in devastating wildfires. In a recent image of the Amazon burning, he made it look like the Amazonian macaw. In an Instagram post, Barrau posted the heartbreaking picture with the caption,

“Each year, millions of acres of forest around the world are destroyed or degraded by fire. These fires not only alter the structure and composition of forests, but they can open up forests to invasive species, threaten biological diversity, alter water cycles and soil fertility, and destroy the livelihoods of the people who live in and around the forests. It’s a shame …”

Barrau told VICE that he usually does a lot of landscape and architecture photography around the world in different environments and ecosystems, “But,” he said, “over the years, I have increasingly felt the devastating effects of this climate crisis on biodiversity, landscapes, and people. It seems difficult to me to continue to pretend that nothing changes.”

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