There are many things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Personally, I am thankful for all the people who are learning about how their daily choices impact the world around them. As a dog, this isn’t something that I have to worry about all that often, but it is definitely an area that hoomans need to think about. When you consider the fact that humans currently use about one and half Earth’s worth of natural resources and one-in-eight people still go to bed hungry … it becomes pretty clear that something needs to change if there is any hope for accommodating the nine billion people who are estimated to live on the planet by 2050 – not to mention, their dogs as well!

But what if I told you that every single person on the planet could start making a massive difference to lower their impact on the world by simply eating more plant-based foods and less meat and dairy. It might sound too good to be true, but hey, I’m a dog … pretty much everything I say is amazing.


So, this Thanksgiving, consider leaving the turkey off your plate for the sake of the environment and all the animals who call this planet home (hoomans included). This one single action can have a HUMONGOUS positive impact, just check out these stats:

1. By leaving meat off your plate, you can halve your carbon footprint!

2. If you skip meat for an entire year, you can save 162,486 gallons of water!

3. If everyone in the U.S. gave up chicken, beef, and pork, they could save enough grain to feed and additional 1.4 BILLION people!



There are plenty of amazing reasons to leave turkey off the menu at your holiday feast – one of the best ones being, you can replace traditional turkey with all of these incredible plant-based alternatives. From pies to sides, stuffings, and mains, there is no shortage of delicious recipes available at your fingertips right here at One Green Planet. Check out Recipes for The Ultimate Vegan Thanksgiving Menu: From Meatless Main Courses to Dairy-Free Pies for all the ideas you need!


This Thanksgiving, we want you to show the world how eating vegan/plant-based has never been easier or more delicious by sharing your vegan meals on social media. We will feature all your deliciously awesome photos in the gallery below. Make sure you add @OneGreenPlanet and use #EatForThePlanet when you upload and we will regram/retweet the best, most creative and yummy-looking posts across our social media platforms!

1.  Choose one (or more!) of the dishes you’re whipping up or eating this Thanksgiving

2. Snap a photo and upload to InstagramPinterest or Twitter.

3. Add  #EatForThePlanet and @OneGreenPlanet in your update.


Be a Green Monster! Act for the environment with your forks and let’s get the world to #EatForThePlanet this Thanksgiving!

Check out the gallery of photos below! Where’s yours?

Lead image source: Stuffed Sage Carnival Squash