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Stop! You have the right to remain adorable!

At least, if your name is Tuco and you’re the newest prospective recruit to the Boston Police Department. Tuco, a german shepherd puppy, took the internet SWAT team-style when pictures of him trying on a bullet proof work vest went viral.


“Tell me what you did, Walter. Tell me what you did!”

Huffington Post

Taken when Tuco was 9-weeks-old, he’s too young to begin true K-9 training until he’s a bit older and his temperament can be assessed, but that didn’t stop his guardians from stopping for a uniform photo-op. The pictures are hilarious because, not only does Tuco look insanely cute in his enormous vest but he also has a, “You talkin’ to me?” look on his face. He already thinks he’s a tough guy!

We think Tuco would be an excellent enforcer for the environment, ill-fitting outfit and all. Seriously, the fact that the law should be respected aside, how could a perp resist that face? They’d have to stop their nefarious actions immediately, right? Get ’em Tuco!

“You’re under arrest for thinking battery cages are okay.”

Huffington Post

This guy dressed like a bush and I are gonna take you down, you dirty poacher! Leave wildlife alone!”

Solo Safari

“Your overfishing practices are a crime against marine ecology!”



“Step away from the Amazon and put your hands up!”

Save The Rainforest

“I’m charging you with cruelty, egregious contribution to carbon emissions, misuse of water and land waste!”

Getty Images

“This could be the start of a beautiful friendship!”

Toms Guide

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