The bond between man and dog is unique to every pair, but when mutual love and respect are shared, this bond is universally recognized as unbreakable. Dogs are more than our best friends, they are our heroes, defenders, and in this case, partner. K-9 Officer, Kye, and his human police partner, Sargent Stark, shared a remarkable bond. More than just a dog that stood steadfast by his side, Kye was as much a part of the police force as his two-legged counterpart.

However, being a police officer is a dangerous job, and it is with a heavy heart that Sgt. Stark had to say his last goodbye to his loyal partner. Stark and Kye were members of the Oklahoma City police force. Kye was a three-year old Belgian German Shepherd who was fatally wounded in the pursuit of a robbery suspect.


According to the Denver Post, “Kye’s partner Sergeant Ryan Stark was not far behind when Kye took the suspect down Sunday. Police said the sergeant was in the process of pulling Kye off the suspect when he realized the suspect was stabbing his dog. That’s when police said the Sgt. Stark shot the suspect, killing him.”

The Oklahoma City police department held a funeral for their fallen officer.

Kye’s funeral had human and canine attendees, including this fire rescue dog and his partner.

Captain Dexter Nelson told the press, “The bond becomes so strong that they become more like a four-legged police officer.””

Sgt. Stark and his family mourned Kye, the brave canine.

Oklahoma City Officers paid their respect to their fallen friend.

Sargent Stark said one final goodbye to his incredible partner.

With a heavy heart, Kye officers took Kye to his final resting place.

Sgt. Stark was given the flag that was laid over Kye’s casket in memory of his best friend and partner.

Kye will be remembered always for his heroic service and never lose his place in the hearts and minds of the Oklahoma City police force.


Image source: Sue Ogrocki/AP