Believe it or not, there are people out there who say animals don’t have feelings, and basically no soul. Then why have animals time and time again proved this to be untrue? Humans have instincts. Animals have instincts. And the ability to express emotions is universal; animal guardians are more than aware of animals’ capacity to exhibit emotions that can be similar to human emotional responses. Your companion pet could even end up saving your life someday.

A Griggs County, N.D. family does not need any further proof of the power of animal emotions, or to question Cooper’s love for their little boy. On May 5, 2014, their three-year-old boy and his loyal golden retriever named Cooper went missing from his family’s farm. Their family wasted no time contacting the authorities in Cooperstown and soon the Cooperstown Fire Department and Ambulance and Binford Fire Department were dispatched to the farm forming search teams. Search teams went on foot, by ATV, and a bloodhound search dog and a small airplane even joined in on the search efforts.

Around 2 a.m. rescue teams were called back due to weather concerns, but family and ATV riders remained vigilant as they continue on. Shortly after the search was called off for the night, word came through that the child had been found! According to WDAY 6 News, a fireman on an ATV who was a part of the search spotted something about a mile southwest of the farm. Then, after adjusting his headlights for better visibility, the rescuer saw Cooper stand up!

Cooper was visibly cold and wet, the little boy snuggled completely under Cooper all warm and dry. Had this heroic dog not laid on top of the child, the search could have ended in tragedy. Neither had any injures.

Cooper is a fantastic example of the love man’s (woman’s, and child’s) best friend has for humans and how dogs will do whatever it takes to keep us safe from harm.

Heartwarming stories such as this are everywhere. In China a heroic dog named Roman helped prevent his depressed 13-year-old guardian from committing suicide. A southwest Ohio couple adopted a Saint Bernard, then a few hours later the dog saved their home from a burglar. Or the story of Hunter the hero puppy who saved his new family, the McLarty’s, just two weeks after being adopted. Watch the video of Hunter the Hero, here!

Lead image source: dirkvorderstrasse/Flickr