You may not think about the fact that when you adopt a pet you are saving its life. But when you look at the euthanasia statistics across American pounds, when you adopt, you are doing just that. Not only has adopting a pet been shown to improve heart health, but it comes with about a million bonus karma points.

Just look at this amazing story from the Michigan Humane Society (MHS). The McLarty family adopted their first dog, Hunter, from one of MHS’s off-site adoption centers and not only did they get the world’s most adorable puppy, but they also got a companion that saved their lives.

The story of Hunter and the McLarty family shows exactly how a simple act of kindness can be returned to you tenfold in amazing ways. Check out this video to learn more about how Hunter saved the McLarty’s and consider all the awesome ways an adopted pet could change your own life!

In the words of Tim McLarty, “The life you save may save yours.”